Shaved, before or after?

Still today, in the XXI century, there are those who are not sure when is the optimal time to shave, before o después from the shower. The defenders of each method have their advantages prepared to defend against the attacks of the rival side. Some say that if you do it before you give more time for the wounds to heal and the skin to be revitalized with the water. The others that this way the skin is prepared, that the hair is softened ... But, Really what is the perfect moment?

Well like everything, there is not one that is perfect. While it is true that doing it after the shower prepares the skin, this process can also be done “dry”. The key is prepare the skin and hairs before shaving. If we do it before showering, we must use creams, oils or products that prepare the skin. If, on the contrary, we do it afterwards, the shower itself already softens the hairs enough and the hot water opens the pores.

I have it clear, after the shower. With this and added to the use of exfoliating gel, I get to have the skin in optimal conditions for shaving. And you, What is your favorite moment?

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  1.   blue and orange said


    I always shave after the shower, sometimes I did it before, and the difference is more noticeable when you do it afterwards, especially if it is winter and you take a hot shower, the hair becomes softer and shaving is much easier.

    By the way, I recently decided to change my shaving gel. Before I always used cream, and since I use Gillette gel I am delighted, but I decided to change the other day and I am with Nivea's, and it is terrible! After shaving I have redness that I did not have before with the other gel, why have I changed it?

    A greeting!

  2.   Jose martin said

    I always after the shower !! and always with gel !!

    a greeting

  3.   Carlos said

    Well, the truth, Héctor, you will have to advise me on these issues, because although I always look for information related to the choice of products, I have doubts in the air.

    I currently use a pre-shave scrub, and a moisturizer after this. In addition to these products, I use L'oreal Hydra Energetic for the eye contour, and Neutrogena hand cream. Even so, I miss a good body and facial moisturizer. So I put myself in your hands from now on, tie mate !!!

    A hug

  4.   Xavier R. said

    Well, I think that preparing the skin for a good shave is essential, who does it in a rudimentary way with a hot shower appreciates it when it comes to using the sharp blades of their shaver, although there are other more efficient methods. I'm going to tell you the best trick:

    - Use a gel or foam before shaving, let it act for a couple of minutes.
    - Then we shave.
    - And finally a good shower, with a facial gel that hydrates us very well, this will close the possible wounds that we have opened, we will also have the skin much more hydrated, and if it seems little, try to give yourself the last « Review »with cold water, this closes the pores, and will also give your hair a very natural shine.

    Finally, those of you who speak of using an exfoliator, I hope you do not do it daily, once a week is more than enough, since it is very bad for the skin.

  5.   Javier said

    Well, I do it when it falls, the truth is, generally every 2 or 3 weeks ... advantages of having the same beard I had at 14 xD

  6.   Hector said

    In reference to preparing the skin. There are some moisturizers that soften the hair (I used one from Nivea some time ago and the truth is that something does show). If you shave in the morning then you wear it at night or vice versa.

    Then foam or gel? Well, as long as it is of quality it does not matter (I agree with blue and orange, Nivea leaves much to be desired in terms of gel and foam). I used to use one that was sold in pharmacies and it was spectacular. Now, I don't know why either, I've switched to Gillette gel.

    Carlos, I advise you to use Dove shower gel (my favorite) or Palmolive NB as a body moisturizer, it is what gives the best results. Facial moisturizer, for value for money the one that best suits your L'Oreal characteristics.

    A greeting!

    PS: Javier, you as always on your own XDDDD

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