Hair loss: symptoms, types and how to prevent it


Man with Alopecia

Alopecia is the loss of hair follicles mainly on the head, although it can also occur in other areas of the body such as eyebrows, beard, genital areas ..., and it is usually the first symptom of what we call baldness. When we are young, the worst that can happen to us is that at a very young age we suffer from galloping alopecia that quickly does not leave without a hair on the head, but as the years go by, especially if we have bald relatives, little by little we go away making the idea that there is the possibility that at some point in our life, our dear and beloved hair will leave the relationship that has united us for so many years.

Daily and under normal conditions, our scalp loses around 100 hair follicles that are replaced by others in the same place, so it is very normal that when we wash our heads, especially if we have long hair, the shower ends with a skein of hair that prevents the circulation of water. In addition, hair loss is accentuated in certain areas of the year in which environmental conditions are not very likely for our head to keep the hair well hydrated. Hence, it is very important to always use shampoos and conditioners throughout the year, not only when we observe that our hair number begins to decrease.

Bruce Willis is bald

Alopecia has become a serious problem for some people who suffer from hair loss, since They see how their self-esteem goes through the floors when you begin to feel inferior before the people around you and who do not suffer from these types of problems. The mentality that must be adopted in this type of situation is to face it without taking into account what people may think or stop thinking if they observe that we are losing our hair. A solution widely used in recent years to face this type of problem and completely shave the head and thus we will have one less problem to worry about, although not everyone is willing to do it, but on many occasions and depending on the type of alopecia seems like the best idea.

Currently on the market we can find a large number of miracle products that will quickly restore our confidence by offering us remedies that work in 100% of the cases. We must study a lot the possible alternatives offered by the market and it is always advisable to select the one that the manufacturer behind the product can offer us the most confidence.

Types of alopecia

Within alopecia we can find different types, although the most common and representing 95% of cases is androgenic, commonly called common baldness and that mainly affects men, although it can also occur in women, but in a very small number.

Androgenic alopecia

Androgenic alopecia

Androgenic alopecia, as I have commented, It is the most common in the world of baldness since it represents 95% of cases. In this type of alopecia, two factors that are the main causes must be taken into account: hormonal and genetic, although this type of alopecia has always been caused by inheritance, to date it is still not known for sure the responsible gene, otherwise there would not be so many people with baldness problems.

Male hormones, better known as androgens, act on the hair follicles causing their complete atrophy until its complete fall. Androgens can affect the entire scalp equally, or only certain parts such as the front, the crown area or the entire upper part of the head. When this type of alopecia affects women, hair loss is not concentrated in any area of ​​the head, but falls regularly, leaving thinning that shows a significant decrease in the number of hair follicles.

Traumatic alopecia

Traumatic alopecia

As the name suggests, this type of alopecia is due to physical trauma, in which the scalp is subjected to the pressure caused by constant friction with something, such as caps, pillows ... But also certain types of hairstyles can affect hair loss, especially those in that the resistance of the hair to tension is tested, such as in the case of buns, braids ... Within traumatic alopecia, we must pay special attention to the trichotillomaniaAs the name indicates, it is the mania of some people who, due to their state of nerves, are dedicated to pulling their hair creating completely depopulated areas.

alopecia areata

alopecia areata
This type of alopecia draws special attention because causes the creation of round hairless areas, as if they were mini bald spots in any area of ​​the head, although they can spread throughout the entire body. Over time these areas repopulate without us having to do anything about it. The cause of this type of alopecia is caused by genetic factors.

Diffuse alopecia

Diffuse alopecia
Diffuse alopecia produces reversible scalp loss and it can affect the entire scalp or just one area. Within diffuse alopecia we can find various modalities, which are classified according to the origin of hair loss. Cancer treatments, scurvy, malnutrition, hypothyroidism ... are the main reasons that can cause diffuse alopecia.


Man with giant comb
Symptoms related to hair loss, may vary depending on whether you are male or female, but sometimes, many of the symptoms are common.

  • Waking up from sleep with a large number of hairs on the pillow.
  • If we have discomfort in the scalp, to eliminate any other type of skin disease such as dermatitis, which causes redness of the skin and is also one of the main causes of hair follicle loss
  • If at finish showering we observed a large number of hairs in the shower drain.
  • If at brush or comb our hair we also find a large number of hair follicles.
  • El Greasy hair, it must be treated with shampoos suitable for this type of hair, otherwise it can also be a cause of hair loss.
  • If we observe that the frontal part or the crown we begin to see thinning is a sure symptom of Hair loss, in the case of men.
  • In the case of women, if we observe that hair has less and less volume and we begin to see that the density has decreased, we are facing a hair loss that in the case of women is easier to treat, since androgenic alopecia affects 95% of men and in very few cases women .

14 tips to avoid hair loss

We never know when baldness can affect us. Although our parents and grandparents are bald and we have more ballots to be so, it does not always mean that we will be bald in the future. Still we can follow a series of tips:

  1. Take care of hygiene. It is very important to keep our scalp clean at all times, without dandruff or grease, they can cause an advance in the loss of our scalp.
  2. Avoid eating sweet foods. Foods with high levels of sugar, mainly industrial pastry, generate a large amount of fat in our head, especially if we do not have the habit of washing our hair every day.
  3. Wash hair with specific shampoos according to the type of hair. Each shampoo and conditioner focuses on trying to solve the problems that our hair can present, such as grease, dandruff, dry, fragile hair. It is worth investing a little money in a shampoo and conditioner to always keep clean and with less risk of suffering from alopecia.
  4. Drink at least two liters of water a day, to keep the scalp hydrated at all times.
  5. Do not abuse hairstyles that stretch hair like braids or buns.
  6. Whenever possible do not wear caps, so that the head is well aerated.
  7. El tobacco weakens the strength of the hair follicles favoring hair loss.
  8. When using the hair dryer, take care do not bring it too close to the head, since subjecting it to hot air for a long time weakens the strength of the hair.
  9. The dyes that we can find in the market must be as natural as possible so they contain as few chemicals as possible.
  10. Perform periodically scalp massage with the fingertips to ensure that blood circulation is fluid.
  11. Eat whenever possible foods that contain vitamins A and B.
  12. Do not abuse of lacquers and hair fixers.
  13. If we are going to sunbathe for long periods of time, we must protect our heads.
  14. Avoid stress. Although it is easy to say it is not so easy to do it.


Treatment for alopecia
Currently on the market we can find a large number of products that ensure that hair loss stops quickly and over time, hair follicles are born again. According to various scientific studies, minoxidil and finasteride act on androgens preventing them from continuing to kill the hair follicles, hence in the first phase of the process the first thing that happens is the paralysis of the hair loss but it does not promote the creation of new follicles.

Although this treatment is ideal for androgenic alopecia, does not work in all cases, so if you are suffering from hair loss and you see that none of these products stop hair loss, you can search more effective treatments against alopecia at

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