Do you have pimples on your back?

Pimples on the back

We live in an age in which our physique is of special importance to a great majority of people and to have pimples on the back nobody likes it. For some time now, many people go to the gym with the excuse of doing a little exercise, but eventually they end up doing bodybuilding exercises to be able to mark the muscles of the arms and especially the famous chocolate bar that everyone likes so much. women.

Leaving aside the physical appearance, some people can suffer from pimples on the skin, not only on the back, but also in other parts of the body, which especially in summer, can affect the mental well-being of the person who suffers them, avoiding at all times to take off the garments that cover the areas that present the pimples, be it the back, the calves, the butt ...

Causes of pimples on the back

Lack of hygiene

Wash your body well

In most cases the appearance of pimples is due to lack of hygiene. When summer takes place we must take into account the possibility of shower twice a day, one at noon and one at night, to clean the area affected by pimples.

Excessive sweating

At other times it may be due to excessive sweating in those areas. The back is one of the areas of the body where sweat always appears first, along with the armpits. We can't help but sweat as it is a protection mechanism of our body, but if we can use clothes so that we sweat less.

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Lack of ventilation in the area

It may also be due to lack of sufficient ventilation in the area due to the use of clothing made from synthetic materials. All those affected by this type of problem, first of all the measure they have to do is start using fabrics made of cotton, which favors perspiration of the affected area.

hormonal problems

But it can also be due to hormonal problems, either due to some medication we are taking or due to changes that are taking place in our body.

Allergic reactions

On some occasions, a large amount of pimples may appear suddenly on the back which may be due to some type of drug poisoning or food that we have taken. This type of reaction usually lasts a few days and does not last long.

Oily skin

People with oily skin or suffer from seborrhea with more susceptible to pimples in different areas of the body. Although everyone would like to be at our ideal weight, on many occasions it is not possible, and pimples on the back can be one of the consequences of being overweight.

Use of creams or cosmetics

Cream bottle

Ideally, always use gels that have a neutral pH and avoid those that contain a high fat content that can clog pores and cause inflammations that give rise to pimples.

Use of backpacks, bags, wallets ...

As with the use of garments made with little or no breathable materials, the use of backpacks prevents our back can be adequately ventilated. If we use this type of accessory very often, it is possible that pimples will appear over time.

Wearing tight clothing

Clothes made with non-breathable fabricssy close to the body like work vests, it prevents the normal perspiration of the area of ​​the body on which it is situated.

Why are pimples on my back?

Excessive sweating

Most of the causes that cause pimples in different parts of the body, especially on the back cause an increase in the sebaceous glands, which increase the production of sebum, causing the desquamation of dead epithelial cells in addition to the proliferation of bacteria within the excretory duct into which the pores become, accumulating sebum, bacteria and dead cells.

Failing to find a way out, those white pimples, typical of acne as well as blackheads also called comedones, originate. Sometimes, if we are people with a large amount of hair on our back, it is likely that during the birth of some of them, it has not seen the light and has continued to grow inside, causing a pimple over time. These grains are different from those that are caused by the accumulation of sebum and the only solution to avoid them is to do an exfoliating treatment regularly in the area.

Depending on the person who suffers from pimples on the back, man, woman or child, the Causes of the appearance of this type of pimples can be due to different causes. For example, in young children, the most normal thing is that they come from excessive sweating, because they are too warm when the environment is too hot. On the other hand, the causes that motivate the appearance in both men and women can be due to very different causes.

Back pimple problems

The biggest problem that people who suffer from back pimples face are the possible marks that the grains can leave once they have dried. If we are in summer, we must avoid all contact with the sun when it is in the hours of greatest solar radiation, so if we want to enjoy the sun, we will have to do them first thing in the morning or late in the afternoon, when the sun's radiation is much less intense.

These marks, as well as the presence of pimples, can affect the social relationship of the individuals who suffer them, using clothing that covers the entire affected surface With the consequent problem that some accidental contact or friction may cause the explosion of some of these grains staining the shirt, which sometimes forces to use an extra layer on the clothing, with the consequent excess heat and ventilation in the area. , so really all we do is make the problem of pimples on the back even worse.

How to treat pimples on the back

Neutral ph gel

The first measure that we have to use to treat the pimples on the back is to start using a gel that is ph neutral or antibacterial, so that it will not contribute to the proliferation of pimples and that will allow the affected area to be cleaned.

Ventilate the affected area

As far as possible it is advisable to keep the affected area as fresh as possibleAs long as we have the opportunity to do without the shirt, we will.

Cotton fabrics

Use fabrics made with cotton, which allows perspiration of the affected area.

Drink lots of fluids

Avoid foods high in fat and that retain fluids, prioritizing fruits and vegetables in addition to drinking plenty of fluids, preferably water.

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Wear clean clothes

Every time we get home and whenever possible, we must change the shirt or T-shirt that we are using to prevent sweat from continuing to contact the pimples on our back.

Tips to heal and prevent pimples from continuing on the back

Vegetable sponge to remove pimples on the back

Vegetable sponge

There is no miracle product that allows a certain group of users to follow them pimples appearing on the back, but by following the following tips, we can considerably reduce the appearance of them.

Avoid applying creams or lotions to the affected areas

In this way we will avoid that the grains that have not yet been cured, can become infected and delay their closure.

Exfoliate the affected area

At least three times a week we must apply a glove or exfoliating sponge that allows us to remove dead cells from the affected areas. By the way, we will prevent the pores through which you perspire from becoming clogged.

Use a loofah

Vegetable sponges are ideal for keeping the area of ​​the back affected by pimples clean. These types of sponges are ideal since stimulate circulation in addition to removing dead cells, differs from traditional sponges that vegetable sponges stimulate circulation naturally.

Shower with hot water

Hot shower

By using hot water to shower we favor that our pores open naturally and that they are clean of impurities.

At the first appearance of pimples on the back or any other part of the body, the first thing to do is go to the dermatologist to study our skin and give us an appropriate treatment according to our case. In most cases, the dermatologist will offer us a small guide with the tips to follow to try to eliminate them and try to avoid new appearances.

Many of these tips are the ones that we have discussed in this article. The recommendation to go to the dermatologist is to be able rule out that the pimples that have appeared on the back, may be related to anything other than any of those we have exposed above.

The dermatologist will perform the necessary tests to determine the origin and reason of the pimples, offering us one treatment after another, until you finally come across the problem that is causing the pimples. It must be borne in mind that since there are different factors that can cause them, it is not possible to know what the origin is right away.

The last thing that the dermatologist usually prescribes with creams, and uses them as a last resort when all the possible options have been tried to eliminate the current pimples and the possible appearance of more. It is recommended nor pay attention to many of the homemade tricks that circulate on the internet, some of which can be harmful since the intention is to try to dry the grain as soon as possible so that the pore closes. By quickly drying the pimple, it will leave marks on the skin, which can become a complexion for more than one.

Depending on the type and amount of pimples that we have on our back, the treatment to eliminate them can be more or less long, as long as we heed all the recommendations that we have indicated above and that are exactly the same that the dermatologist will offer you.

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  1.   FFrink said

    Lately I have opted to use the soapy cleansing lotion that I have for my face on my upper back as well. I apply it while I shower and when I go out, after moisturizing (because it leaves your skin like the wet), I apply the cream for specific pimples that the dermatologist recommended.

    Mano de santo hey, in a week I have gone from having a full back to a couple of half dry pimples.

    1.    America said

      What brand do you use both for cleaning and for specific granites?

  2.   brian said

    Hi, my name is Brian. I'm 16 years old. I have a lot of pimples on my back, but what else I have are blackheads. I was trying to remove them by passing me alcohol gel after bathing, will that be?

    1.    christian noriega maldonado said

      Go to a dermatologist to give you the appropriate treatment.

  3.   ANDRES said

    there are no smooth spaces on my back: S !! It's all full of pimples and that bothers me ... and I tried to eliminate them with a pimple cream ... but still - should I consult a dermatologist?

  4.   Guiff said

    It's funny because the week I work more, the back area shows a LOT because I get a few granazas that pa'que, it's like instantaneous, with that of synthetic clothes maybe I fail! thanks for the post.

  5.   alberto said

    I am 34 years old and have never had pimples on my back and shoulders. it all started this summer. I do sports of sweating (I have always done it) I use breathable shirts but this goes to more. They are not the typical small grains, they are fat and large, I need a solution I am bitter
    Thank you

  6.   diego said

    hey the truth I have pimples on my back but I am using the asepxia dis pills that according to the treatment of pimples I hope it works but still do you think you need to see a dermatologist?

  7.   fernanda said

    I did not have pimples on my back, but I have started to have relationships and now I have them, few but I have them !!! it must be because of that ???

  8.   danii said

    It is x not having relations ami tmb happened to me, I have to put it and those pimples are going away

  9.   jesus said

    Hi, I'm 23 years old, I've had a lot of pimples on my back, they told me to use a soap called lactibon and a cream called topcream, but it doesn't take them away completely.

  10.   yaamii said

    Hi, I'm 12 years old, I have pimples on my back and now I'm chubby in the kitchen. I don't know if I know about that or if I have an omission or a promise. As for sports, I do basketball and since I can remember I have been breathing a lot, I suffer from chlorine but I have had the grains for about 0 or 5 years, it makes me desperate and they give me itchy coffins and I bleed a lot of help

  11.   Juan said

    hello, i have a lot of pimples on my back i am 20 years old

  12.   crisbelt said

    Hi, I'm Crisbelt Meneses, for about two years I have had large and dark pimples on my back, I don't know what to do, they look unsightly.

  13.   Mercè said

    Baths with hot water are good.