White hair in men

Matt LeBlanc with white hair

Like wrinkles, white hair is interpreted as a sign of the passage of time ... a sign of aging. But there is nothing wrong with it.

In fact, gray hair is considered attractive, especially when teamed with qualities such as graceful dress and self-confidence. Also, even though they have lost the ability to produce color, the follicles are still alive. Cast can be a reason for celebration for many men.

Why do gray hair appear?

Hair follicle

The first gray hairs usually appear on the beard or temples. It usually happens in their fifties, but it is not surprising that men who have not reached their 30s see their hair start to turn white. In any case, there is no need to worry, as it is not an instantaneous process. Generally, the body offers you enough time to get used to them little by little.

But what is the cause? And can something be done about it? The cause is that pigmentation cells responsible for coloring the hair (melanin) stop being produced. A few white hairs hardly change the look of the hair. If they reach a high number, the result is gray hair, which is a combination of pigmented hairs interspersed with white hairs.

There are external factors, such as stress, that can affect hair color. In such cases, by fighting the cause, the process can be stopped. But usually white hair is due to a genetic predisposition, so there is little you can do to avoid it. If your parents had gray hair in their youth, chances are good that you too.

Hug them or cover them?

George Clooney in 'Up in the air'

There is always the question about what to do with gray hair. There are two options to study: hug them or cover them. Embracing them is the path that is usually considered the best. There are numerous celebrities who have become ambassadors for white hair: Viggo Mortensen, José Mourinho and especially George Clooney. Gray hair has become one of the hallmarks of the popular American actor.

Letting things take their course reflects naturalness. Other pros of white hair are the projection of experience, character and confidence. Naturally, you also have to take into account the saving of time and money (in addition to the contribution that it makes to the health of the hair) by dispensing with dyes.

Jeff Bridges in 'Rebel Heart'

If you've chosen to embrace your gray hair, but feel like you need to do something to tone it down, consider getting a short haircut. If you like to wear long hair, the gray will be exaggerated, which is not necessarily a problem. It all depends on the haircut that suits you the most.

When it comes to covering them up, it can help you look younger. However, there is a risk that due to the coloring, the hair will end up attracting more attention than necessary. This happens especially when fine hair is covered with a dark dye. Also, while hugging them is quick and easy, covering them requires some work.

Decide on one of the two options based on your personal preferences and from there he works on the details to get the best possible version.

White hair and beard


Hair and beard don't always turn white at the same rate, which often causes men with gray hair and brown beards, for example. The fact that your facial hair does not match your hair color can complicate things, but it is not always a drawback.

This duality can work in many cases, especially if things are kept clean and simple. Naturally, such a strategy is not enough to end the imbalance. If you feel that duality is not at all flattering on your face, there is always the resource of using the razor.

How to care for white hair

Conditioner for gray hair from Sachajuan

Keeping your hair healthy is especially important when it comes to white hair, whether you go for a short haircut or keep it longer. Lack of melanin makes hair more susceptible to sun damage and discoloration.

Normal products can work, but there are also shampoos and conditioners for gray hair. Consider using them to combat dryness for added shine, volume, and manageability. Apply them regularly, massaging the scalp for several minutes. Massages are beneficial for any type of hairas the blood supply and nutrition of the follicles is promoted.

When it comes to food, proteins (egg, quinoa…) and omega 3 fatty acids (salmon, walnuts…) are important. The former add strength to the hair, while omega 3 have a moisturizing effect, preventing it from looking dry and dull.

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