Self tanning, how to get tan faster

Self tanning

Self-tanning is a strategy to take into account at the beginning of good weather. Helps to have shorts-ready legs after keeping them for many months deprived of the sun's rays.

However, these products are not exclusive to any specific time of year. They are also used during the winter, to maintain the tan that has been achieved during the summer holidays, as well as on specific occasions where you want to look more tan. That is the case of celebrities, who use it for parties, shootings or photo shoots.

Pros and cons of self tanning

Male body

Note that Self-tanners have pros, but they're not without some cons and cautions. Knowing them, it is up to each one to decide whether to use them or look for another alternative to show off a tan.


The main advantage of self tanning is that a quick and comfortable method to look more tanned. They allow you to be tanned all year round in a matter of minutes. And without having to step on the beach or the tanning bed, it can be obtained from home.

Also, contrary to what happens with traditional methods (sunbathing and tanning beds), self-tanning products help to get a UV free tan. It should be noted that prolonged exposure to UV rays is dangerous to health and has been associated with an increased risk of cancer.


Artificial tanning is not permanent. It disappears as the days go by. After 7-10 days it is necessary to reapply the product in most cases. This involves an investment of time, effort and money that must be taken into account when making a decision.

On the other hand, obviously the result they offer is less natural. But, despite being a fake tan, if done correctly, it can work quite well most of the time. The goal is for the product to be virtually undetectable.

Tips for self tanning

The following are some steps to follow that are considered quite effective when it comes to get a tan as natural as possible using self-tanners and avoid total disaster:

Choose the most suitable format for you

Self Tanner in St. Moriz Mousse

The quality of the product is decisive. Brands such as Lancome, Clarins, St. Moriz or St. Tropez are among the best valued. But so is the format. Today's market offers several types of self tanner:

  • Lotion
  • FOAM
  • Sprays
  • Wipes

In the case of men, experts often advise the self tanners in mousse or spray. Mousse spreads more easily through hair, which provides more uniform coverage.

Follow the instructions for use

When it comes to self-tanners, it is essential to be very scrupulous about how to use it. Manufacturers include a series of guidelines on the back of the packaging which are key to obtaining the best possible result.

Take it easy

Shades of brown

Do not apply more than one coat on the same day. Wait 24 hours, and if the shade still seems too light, apply another coat. Acting gradually will help you achieve the best tone for you. Remember that there is always scope to get one more tone, while going in the opposite direction is more difficult to achieve..

Exfoliates and hydrates

Exfoliating and moisturizing the skin a few hours before applying the self-tanner is considered to help achieve a more even result. The reason is that dead skin and very dry areas tend to turn a different color.

If despite exfoliating, an excess of self-tanning agent ends up accumulating on the knees or elbows, there are some tricks to solve it. One of the most effective is clean with a mixture of lemon and baking soda.

Also, at the time of self-tanning, having moist skin and hair can cause streaks. So it is advisable not to apply moisturizers just before or wet the beard, the hairline or the body hair.

Be meticulous

St. Tropez Self Tanning Spray

There are small details that are often overlooked, but that can give away a fake tan very quickly. The tint from self-tanners doesn't just seep into the skin. It is up to whoever applies it to ensure that it only comes into contact with the skin and not with clothes, hair, nails and other parts where it should not be. For this last part, it is usually advisable to cover them with a dense product (for example, lip balm) before applying the self-tanner to prevent them from absorbing the product.

Do it at night

The night is considered the best time to apply self-tanning products. The next morning, the shower of rigor helps to eliminate the excess. In any case, it is a good idea to rub with a dry towel on the beard, the hair growth line and in general on all the hairy areas of the body just after application to prevent the follicles from becoming sticky or changing the color. of the hair.

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