Dry Skin

man with dry skin washing his face

Having dry skin and looking flawless is perfectly possible. You simply have to provide the necessary care.

Find out how to identify it and what type of hygiene routine you need, as well as what foods can not be missing in your diet:

How to know if you have dry skin

Having dry skin is very common. In addition, it presents a series of symptoms that make it quite easy to identify as such. If your skin is tight and dull, this is probably your skin type. It also tends to rashes and irritation, problems that are accentuated by shaving.

How to take care of dry skin

With dry skin, as well as with all skin types, it is necessary that the hygiene routine is practiced with high regularity and includes the appropriate products. Otherwise it is of little use.

Dry skin and beard

man with beard and dry skin

Whatever your choice for facial hair (close shave, three-day stubble, or long beard), exfoliation is a key step in the hygiene routine when you have dry skin.

Exfoliating products remove a thin layer of skin, soften the follicles and detach the hairs from the skin. In this way, one of the worst side effects of male hygiene in general (if not the worst) is prevented: ingrown hairs.

You can exfoliate your beard a few times a week, but try not to pre-shave. Subjecting the skin to these two processes at the same time can cause more irritation than necessary. The ideal frequency is different in each case, although twice a week gives good results in most cases.

The most important thing when it comes to exfoliating dry skin is to focus on preventing redness and irritation. To get it remember not to use an exfoliator that is too aggressive with your skin or rub with more force than necessary.

How to wash your face


If you have dry skin it is convenient that you wash your face with warm water in place hot or cold water. Extreme temperatures can further aggravate the lack of hydration, both on the face and elsewhere on the body. It is also not advisable to change the temperature of the water during the process. It is a myth that it is beneficial for the pores. It can actually break blood vessels.

Do you use a facial cleanser? In that case, make sure you don't feel itchy and tight after washing your face with it. If these side effects occur, chances are you are not using the right cleanser for your skin. There are a number of astringent ingredients in many facial cleansers that are best avoided when suffering from dry skin, such as zinc sulfate or salicylic acid.

Micellar water, cleansing cream or cleansing foam ... whatever format you choose, the essential thing is that it does not cause irritation. Check with the seller in case of doubt. You will know that you have found the ideal cleanser because your skin will stay fresh and soft after using it.

How to hydrate your face

creams for face and dry skin


Since dry skin needs a lot of moisture (and can also handle it without problems), make it difficult for redness and irritation by betting on a moisturizer that provides the deepest possible hydration.

Currently, most day creams already include sunscreen, but it never hurts to make sure. This characteristic considerably reduces irritation caused by sun damage.

Serum + Moisturizing Cream

Consider combining your moisturizer with a serum. The former work on the outer layers of the skin (which is still important), while the serums can penetrate more deeply due to their smaller molecular structure. The result is a more complete hydration.

Facial oil

Chronically dry skin can greatly benefit from the benefits of facial oils. Good facial oils do not cause blackheads; and they include vitamins, antioxidants, and essential fatty acids in their formulas. In addition, trap water in the skin to reinforce its protective barrier.

What to eat to combat dry skin


Each Omega 3 fatty acids (tuna, salmon, flax seeds, walnuts ...) help cells to contain more water. And dry skin needs as much water as you can to get it looking smooth again.

Eat a few pieces of fruit every day It is considered one of the best dry skin treatments out there. And it is that they provide you with antioxidants, vitamins and water to keep you healthy and hydrated.

For its part, fiber and leafy greens will help protect you from stress hormones and certain environmental factors, which can make your skin look even drier. The secret is in its important phytochemicals, which act against free radicals within the body. The recommended daily amount of fiber for men is 38 grams. It should be noted that consuming too much can hinder the skin's rehydration process, which is why it is advisable not to exceed this amount when you have dry skin.

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