How to shave your head correctly?

Cutting her hair with an electric razor

When the military existed, one I learned almost by force to shave his hair to zero so he would have to forget about it for a few weeks until it grew back. In fact, now, when you are a military man, it is also one of the best ways to have the best visual appearance so that you do not have to pass the machine every two by three.

But how it happens in this life is important know various tricks or tips so that the action of removing the hair from above is the smoothest and without the least problems. In short, we will teach you how to shave your head and what you need to do it correctly and without putting your scalp at risk.

💇‍♂️ First things first: the best hair cutting equipment

Panasonic hair trimmer

It is important to have a good team with us that can offer us the best results. And as always happens, we can access different prices, although the truth is that for about € 22 we can access a machine with which we can get along quite well.

We can access the Remington HC5030 for € 23 as the cheapest option. If we already go to a good value for money we have a larger version with the Remington HC5810 for € 47, and if we already go to another level we can go through the Panasonic ER-1611 for € 123.

If you want a selection of the best products to shave your head, pay attention to this product selection.

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🛒 Tips for buying a hair clipper

Hair cutter accessories

  • Hair clippers that can be used with both dry and wet hair can be of great importance at various times so it is advisable to look at this point
  • A machine without cables it will offer better versatility when using it, since a corded one can get in the way. A few euros more and we will agree to the purchase of one like this
  • Come with various accessories so that the cut is easier it is important although not a basic aspect
  • The material of the blades is another option to consider
  • And to finish the machine weight it may be advisable that it is not more than convenient to be able to better deal with it

Another detail to take into account is the buying a cutter for the most difficult areas such as around the ears, neck and forehead. In large stores there are good options for just over € 20.

📌 Before starting to use the machine

Electric Hair Clipper Oil

For everything to go smoothly, we must take good care that the machine, if it is one of the professionals, is greased. Every one or two months it is important to add a drop so that the blades have the best possible effect.

Another important point is that the blades are well clean, so it is highly advisable that we disassemble them before proceeding to the cut itself. The cheap ones usually have a cleaning set in the form of a kind of small brushes that greatly facilitate the work.

With regard to oil, normally in the machine instructions comes the way to apply it and if that type of machine really needs it. As I have said, not all of them are of the same quality, so their maintenance depends on several factors. The professionals do have to apply a drop of oil.

Before going to this step we must have the blades perfectly clean, so it is important that we go over a few minutes leaving her as if we had taken it out of its box for the first time.

When we have applied the dropletNow we must turn on the machine for about 20 seconds so that it is properly greased and ready to go on cutting the hair.

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👨‍🦲 Passing the machine

Cutting hair with razor

If we have very long hair, it is advisable that we use the maximum number that we have to facilitate things, since if we go very to the root it can be more cumbersome to cut it in a few minutes.

As we are already cutting all the areas, we already we go directly to 1 or 3 to cut as we wish, always with the option of setting it to 0 to be completely without hair.

Like any haircut, it is advisable that go one to a hairdresser, but due to the low price of certain machines, today one can save good money in those establishments that can range from € 6 to € 18 depending on the area where you live.

📚 Tips for shaving your head

The first is have neat hairwhether you have it long or short. Not only for hygiene but because it looks the best possible, apart from the fact that it comes in handy before cutting it or, as in this post, shaving it off.

It is important use shaving foam all over the head to avoid possible irritations or injuries.

We must pass the razor in the sense of hair growth. This makes the hair very small, so that in a good second pass it can already be as we wish.

Cutting hair with razor

If we already go to the opposite direction, we will have it ready to have it well shaved just as we wanted.

Lo first is the front, then the sides and finally we can move to the rear with the help of someone. Here having a hand mirror plus a front mirror makes it easier for us not even to need someone for this task. A little patience since in minutes we will have it well ready.

It is important to have a damp towel to remove the remains of foam and hair that have remained. What to say that a post shower comes in handy so as not to leave the bathroom with those hairs that seem endless

We apply a moisturizer on the scalp so it doesn't dry out or irritate.

This procedure we will try to do it again when we see that it begins to grow too much.

📑 In short

With all that said, you will have the best tips for shave hair properly and let's not take along any cut or itch that is annoying when we want to go out later with friends and enjoy the night. So do not miss the appointment before other of those tips that we launch from Men with style and that we like so much to share and give.

Do you know any more tips that may be useful when it comes to shave your head? Tell us how do you do.

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  1.   Joijoi said

    Late but my opinion goes: I have 4 years shaving my head.

    1. I do it every two days, if it is warranted before, I will do it again.
    2. I always do it backwards and forwards
    3. When I don't have cream I just use soap
    4. I am never irritated
    5. Yes I have had my accidents, but they are minimal.
    6. It is a pleasure to be bald, and that I have hair.

    1.    Felipe said

      I love your comment I do the same
      For me it is also a pleasure to walk bald because I am going bald
      It's fome the same because I'm 23 but I think I like being bald
      take care loquillo a hug in the distance

  2.   Javier said

    I have been bald for years, apart from that I have very straight and fine hair that makes my problem worse, I want to shave since I have the machine, but I have doubts, if I used 0 or 1? Or a combination? I am 24 years old 🙁

  3.   Oscar said

    I'm 25 and I've been hairless since I was 22 .. That's what I said and I rapped! I didn't want it to be like that but then I like it and I do it normally every two or three days always .. It's a habit and I like it! How does it make you feel good about yourself taking care of the image! You have to be positive javi !! Always the best face !! He he

    1.    Javier said

      At the time you spond me Oscar, I had already shaved hehe, it is quite versatile and comfortable, I suffered from dandruff and without hair all clean and my head has healed I have already shaved on two occasions apart from the "0" with the razor shaving, the look is quite comfortable, the truth is, I'm thinking of staying like this. Thanks for answering.

    2.    Javier said

      At the time you spond me Oscar, I had already shaved hehe, it is quite versatile and comfortable, I suffered from dandruff and without hair all clean and my head has healed I have already shaved on two occasions apart from the "0" with the razor shaving, the look is quite comfortable, the truth is, I'm thinking of staying like this. Thanks for answering.

  4.   Rodolfo said

    I shave the sides of my head since I decided to make a mohawk, but my problem is the following, is using a common razor (like Gillette) okay or should I use an electric razor? I have no problem using the Gillette but it is somewhat complicated and slow

  5.   David said

    I do not advise buying the remington machine, I had problems from the first day, with the power (very low) and an important piece of plastic broke (quite flimsy). If you are going to use it for life, spend the money. From 45 euros. Braun is safe shot. A bald friend

  6.   Marcos. said

    I tend to shave my head, when I do it every two days it flows much better, when for some reason it doesn't and I take more days, first with the peeling machine and after shaving. MNe love it, I'm doing well. Also, I really do shave my entire body.