Tips for male eyebrow waxing

The eyebrows are much more than a barrier that prevents sweat or water from reaching our eyes. The eyebrows frame our eyes and give character to the face. A manicured eyebrow can intensify your look, while if you wear them careless they can produce an unpleasant sensation. Before starting with the tips for eyebrow waxing, take a look at these tips for painless waxing.

10 basics when it comes to plucking your eyebrows

  1. Your eyebrows are not those of a woman, and remember it with capital letters. The arch of your eyebrows must not be marked, it must be soft so that it does not give that feeling of being super waxed.
  2. Before you start waxing you should be clear about which areas are to be hairless and which ones can have hair without problems.
  3. You respect the thickness and shape of the eyebrow. with waxing we try to improve our eyebrow, not change it.
  4. Unless it is very necessary, do not pluck the upper part of the eyebrow, since it is a very feminine result. You can remove any unruly hair that is out of place, but his thing is to attack the frown and the lower part of the eyebrow.
  5. A natural eyebrow is more beautiful although bushy, than an excessively plucked eyebrow. If we go through waxing, a very artificial result will remain, and instead of giving strength to our eyes, the eyebrows will become the center of attention on our face.
  6. While you are retouching the eyebrows it is convenient that you go drawing with an eyebrow pencil or marking them with petroleum jelly, to make sure you are getting the effect you are looking for.
  7. When you finish, apply a cotton ball with tonic for sensitive skin or use a cream with aloe vera on the area to calm it.
  8. So that the pore is more open, and the eyebrow is better plucked, It is recommended that you shave them after having showered.
  9. The frown, the great unknown: Before you start to wax, take a good look at the browbones with the help of a magnifying mirror.With tweezers, begin to remove the little hairs that are between the two eyebrows. Start with the line that goes from the nose to the forehead, which is where the hair accumulates the most. Once you have eliminated that part, go removing hairs until you reach the tip of the inner arch of the eyebrow.
  10. Remember it is essential that you review your eyebrows once a week so that they are perfect.

How are your eyebrows?

  1. If your eyebrows are very close together, it will seem that your eyes are very united. Avoid waxing the browbones, but do not go overboard with removing and removing hairs.
  2. If your eyebrows are straight, and make your face lack expression, the perfect trick is to pluck the eyebrows making a small arch, not too marked and with a soft trend, always at the bottom of the eyebrow to achieve a more expressive look.
  3. If your eyebrows are very arched, they sure make you look like you're always angry. Soften its effect by plucking the tip of the arch and correcting the ends of the eyebrows.
  4. If your eyebrows make your expression sad because they are somewhat drooping on the outside of the eye, pluck the eyebrow that falls down.

In this video you can see how to find out the shape of your eyebrows to know where to start plucking.
Remember that it is important that the result is natural and that integrates well with the features of your face. Do you have any trick when it comes to plucking your eyebrows?

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  1.   wynsh EN said

    Today's boys pluck their eyebrows more than girls!

  2.   Be Iña said

    You should not give advice on male eyebrow waxing, because that class has very little. No intention of offending, but I see everything that I accept- - - - - -

  3.   Rodrigo González Alegre said

    Male eyebrow waxing is one of the most prejudiced male cares, it's like Oh man, you pluck your eyebrows! You are a woman! 😀

  4.   Have class said

    The problem is when people get out of hand with waxing. But well-plucked eyebrows shouldn't show that they're plucked.

  5.   Ivan Alfonso Rojas Martinez said

    Very well with the contribution but the problem is that Mexicans tend to see someone shaved and made up design is gay