Male waxing

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Male waxing can be carried out for different reasons, being all equally good. Some do it for reasons of hygiene, freshness or comfort, while for others it is a matter of pure aesthetics. It is also possible that what pushes you is a sum of all of the above.

A matter of personal preferences above all (maintaining hair is as acceptable as trimming or plucking it), we will explain below how to focus the hair removal of each area of ​​the body, as well as many tips and tricks related to male waxing:



Eyebrows need to be plucked in a way that provides fullness to the face and accentuates its natural contours. But it is very important that they are not very arched. The most suitable shape for men is considered to be straight. Otherwise, it is always best to leave them as is.

Pluck the frown using sharp tweezers. They are the hairs that remain in the middle if we draw an imaginary line from the center of the nostrils to the forehead. Pull in the direction of hair growth.

Now draw a diagonal from the outside of the nostrils to the temples. If there are hairs at the ends, outside the line, you can also pull them out. If you think it is necessary, continues with those hairs that grow from the forehead –Between the upper part of the eyebrow and the hair growth line– in the nobody's zone.


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There are two options for the torso. The first is to leave the skin smooth (quite advisable for athletes). To achieve this, all the hair is pulled out with wax or an electric epilator. It should be noted that the result is not equally flattering for all men.

If you prefer a more natural torsoConsider the second option: trimming or what is commonly known as "groomed" hair. It can be done with the help of a body shaver, a beard trimmer, and even a hair clipper.

Unlike the front, back and shoulder hair is often unceremoniously pulled. Naturally, it can also be trimmed or left as is. As we have pointed out before, hair is a matter of taste.

Intimate area

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The way to fix the intimate area, both front and back, it's a matter of personal preferences. If you don't like its natural look, you can either pluck everything out with wax or go for a middle ground: trim it using a hair clipper.

Regardless of the method chosen, the chances of injuring yourself while grooming your pubic hair are high compared to other areas of the body. And not because of the flexibility it requires (which is a lot), but because of the serious rashes and cuts that can occur if waxing is not carried out with great caution.

To avoid rashes and skin lesions, both in the intimate area and in any other area, waxing must be carried out in a well-lit place and, above all, with the appropriate tools. Fortunately, there are hair removal centers that will help you to obtain the desired appearance in the intimate area in a totally safe way.


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If you have decided to wax your legs at home, consider using a four or five blade razor. Trimming the hair first with a basic clipper will make the task easier if it is quite long.

From there the rules are identical to those for facial shaving. Soften the hair with warm water (the simplest is to do it after showering) and apply shaving cream, gel or foam. Run the razor in the direction of hair growth, going against it only if absolutely necessary.

As with the arms and hands, it is important to remember to offer the hair on the feet the same treatment as that on the legs.

Note that it is also suitable to use body shavers, beard trimmers and hair clippers For this purpose.

Precautions and cares

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Restoring hydration lost during waxing and smoothing the skin is the last and important step. For it you will need a good body moisturizer. As hair grows it tends to itch. Using a body scrub on a regular basis will help alleviate that annoying side effect.

To prevent heat-prone irritation in areas where hair was recently removed, it is advisable not to train until at least 24 hours after waxing. It is also necessary to allow a reasonable time to pass before sunbathing.

Laser depilation


Hair grows back in a matter of weeks, which is why, to save time, many men opt for the only permanent method: laser hair removal. It is about shots of energy on the follicles that, eventually, delay the growth of the hair. After several sessions, hair grows finer, if it grows back.

Since there is no going back, it is convenient to be completely clear that we will not miss the hair on that part of the body in the future. In any case, can only be performed in areas where it is highly likely not to be missed: such as shoulders and back.

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