How to protect the skin from the cold

With the cold, the face is the part of the body most exposed to factors such as wind, low temperatures, humidity, it causes the skin to peel, crack and crack.

The risk of developing more serious conditions is increased in the long term. The view, for its part, also requires special care, especially by those who live or travel to high places and with snow.

The dryness of the face, the cracked lips and the watery eyes are "classic postcards" of winter. However, in many cases, this does not mean that both skin and vision become 'protected areas'.

However, specialists maintain that as in summer, during winter the skin needs specific care as it is constantly exposed not only to solar radiation - because even though there are many gray or rainy days in winter, the sun is-, but also to cold, wind, humidity, sudden changes in temperature that occur when, for example, a heated environment such as the house or office goes to the cold of the street and, finally, the snow.

When you do sports in the snow or just walk around, you have to take special care of your eyes and skin from the sun. These factors cause two kinds of consequences. On the one hand, the "aesthetics" among which stand out premature aging and dehydration that results in dull and dull skin; and on the other hand, those that have to do with long-term health.

«Also, apart from the climatic factors mentioned, it is necessary to take into account the genetic and constitutive factors of each individual that are added to others such as the consumption of tobacco or other harmful agents, physical and psychological stress, and self and over-administration of products not indicated ", explained to Pro-Salud News the doctor Mónica Milito, plastic surgeon, specialist in aesthetic and reconstructive surgery, director of the Milito clinic.

Considering this scenario, if the necessary and basic care is not implemented, the skin can peel, crack, suffer skin fissures, sunburns and increase the risk of developing skin cancer.

But, what are the basic cares that can help protect the health of the skin during the cold? Well, the spectrum is wide, although the essential thing is to use sunscreen in case of activities or spending time outdoors in mountain areas or where there is snow. The protection has to be placed half an hour before exposure and repeated several times throughout the day depending on the number of hours spent outdoors.

In these cases it is also essential to take care of the eyes since solar radiation increases 10 percent every thousand meters of height; and excessive exposure to ultraviolet radiation and cold can cause severe burns and irritations to the corneal surface, as well as keratoconjunctivitis.

It is worth mentioning that - compared to the beach, a surface on which people usually tan in summer - snow reflects 85 percent of solar radiation, while sand only 10 percent.

What happens in the city?
When snow is the destination for vacation or relaxation, precautions are often the order of the day. Now, in everyday life, in the city, what are the best ways to take care of yourself?

According to Dr. Mónica Maiolino, a dermatologist, advisor to the Dermaglós line, “the most advisable thing is not only to use sunscreen, which should be chosen according to the sensitivity of the skin and the activities that are carried out; but also a post-sun or moisturizing cream for after the bath, which -as a 'tip' or advice, can be applied with the skin still a little damp to promote absorption-, glasses and a lip stick as the skin of the mouth it is the most finite and sensitive ».

On the other hand, ophthalmologist experts affirm that «the glasses are very important because they help to stop the particles that the wind raises in its path and that can enter the eyes causing serious discomfort, but they also protect from radiation that because the sun is more low on the horizon line, it hits more directly, generating an intense reflection and dangerous irritation ”.

Source: Pro-Salud News Infobae

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