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shea butter

Natural cosmetics are here to stay and are gaining places never before thought. Shea butter is listed as a natural product with multiple benefits; Due to its properties, it replaces various traditional creams and lotions. It can simply be used for a variety of purposes without filling your cosmetic kit.

Nowadays health care and aesthetics have taken on a level of utmost importance in men. Maintaining healthy skin without wrinkles or performing treatments to combat hair loss is an everyday topic. And to achieve a young and fresh image it is necessary to be prepared and to know the available alternatives.

Where does shea butter come from?

It is obtained from the nut of the shea plant native to Africa. The aborigines define this tree as something sacred. And their women perform extremely respectful treatment throughout the production process. When the nuts are dry on the ground, they take them to press them and make the butter.

As in most beliefs, the Aborigines are not wrong. It is a truly sacred product for the wonderful effects it produces on man. Surely many have heard about the famous skin of Cleopatra; there is documentation that shows that the basis of its protection was natural shea butter.

Shea butter benefits

  • Regenerate the cells. Its properties make it the best friend for skin care. It gives new life to the dermis, punished by environmental factors; the result is softness and youth.
  • Prevents irritation. Ideal to use after shaving and avoid irritation in the most sensitive areas.
  • Fight chilblains. For men who work exposed to low temperatures, using shea butter is essential. Your hands achieve protection that reduces the presence of the so annoying chilblains.
  • Hides stretch marks. Due to its regenerative capacity it also obtains good results against stretch marks or marks resulting from weight changes.
  • Moisturize rough areas. It is common for many men to have some areas of their body that are less cared for, or that they cannot solve. Rough, parched heels and elbows are really ugly to look at and to touch. Shea butter softens them for a silky, moisturized body.
  • Strengthens the nails. Hands are a letter of introduction to people. Brittle or bitten nails signify insecurities or weaknesses; with this natural product breakage is avoided and shine increases.
  • Greater elasticity in the skin. Its nutrients make it the chosen one by sportsmen of the whole world. Shea butter massages allow the elimination of toxins and relaxation of the muscles after physical activities.
  • Sunscreen. Going outside on hot days with nothing to protect against ultraviolet rays is a mistake. Burns and wrinkles are just some of the consequences; therefore it is recommended to use as a mild sunscreen.

 Types of shea butter?

Can be purchased unrefined, that is all its natural properties remain intact. Its nutrients and vitamins are present in all its essence and the power of moisturizing and hydration is greater.

On the other hand, there are in the market already refined products. This means that a chemical elaboration process has been carried out for its commercialization. Generally, what is sought is to remove the yellowish color that vitamin A provides, and also the earthy and nutty smell that it has by nature.

How is it used?

It is very simple the method for its application; something that men like since it doesn't take time. Take a little butter between your hands, rub it and immediately transform into an oil that spreads over the area to be treated. To reinforce hydration throughout the body, it is advisable to place a tablespoon in the bath water.

Shea butter contraindications

They should not use this product people with nut allergies.

Those with latex allergies should exercise caution to place in a small area and see its effect; It has a very small percentage of natural latex.

Outside of these two groups, many types of people benefit from the properties of shea; children, adults and the elderly protect their health with this method.

Shea butter recipes

For rejuvenated and healthy skin, the product alone in its natural state is extremely effective. But also there are combinations that can be made in the comfort of home and thus increase its benefits.

With few ingredients and shea butter, hair conditioners and creams are prepared that ensure beauty. The natural supplements that cover all the body's needs to combat aging.

Shea matenca

Soft foot balm

Due to the use of closed shoes, the foot does not breathe adequately; Then the hardness that appears so bad appears and the nails turn yellowish. Perform this treatment regenerates dead cells and revitalizes the area.

Ingredients needed

  • ½ cup shea butter
  • 2 tablespoons of coconut oil
  • 2 tablespoons olive oil
  • 15 gr of beeswax
  • 10 drops of peppermint essence

Bring the butter and oils to a simmer until they melt. Then place the pot on a cold base and stir until all the ingredients are united, add the mint essence; with that, do gentle foot massages. To store the preparation for a while, a glass container with a lid is preferable.

Hair conditioner

Over the years the hair weakens and you begin to notice falls that do not favor anyone. This conditioner strengthens the roots avoiding baldness.

Ingredients needed

  • ½ cup shea butter
  • 1 cup of coconut oil
  • ½ cup grapeseed


  1. Place all the ingredients in a bowl and microwave until melted.
  2. Meanwhile take another larger container, pour water into it and add ice.
  3. Place the smaller bowl in the other and stir to form a creamier paste.
  4. Store in a jar with a lid.
  5. Vitamin E capsules can be added to the preparation.

Men generally spend less time visiting beauty salons, but that doesn't mean they don't deserve healthy skin. For this reason these tips with shea butter are perfect for them. Economical, easy to make and use, in a short time and with excellent results.

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