Self-tanning creams, what you need to know

Summer is getting less and less. We started thinking about the “bikini operation”. We want to look slimmer, darker, in short more handsome. But of course, Now how do I get my skin to acquire a decent tone? There are many options. You can go a few days to the Caribbean, settle for the color that the face takes if you go skiing or opt for "artificial" methods. Among these there are two highlights: the uva rays and the self tanning products. The latter are the most used, especially for their price.

There are basically two types of products on the market, wipes and moisturizers. There are multitude of opinions and theories about its effects. What if they leave traces, if they stain, if they do not leave uniform results ...

They can be used, but you have to take into account some things before getting down to business. To do this, due to the greater use, we will focus on the process to be followed in the face.

  1. To achieve a uniform and seemingly realistic result, you have to clean the skin thoroughly. For this, exfoliating gel must be used but very precisely, the skin must be perfect. Once we have achieved this step, which is not easy to achieve, we must moisturize skin evenly.
  2. The whole face must be hydrated in the same way, if we do not achieve it (something that is quite likely) when we proceed to apply the self-tanner we will not have an optimal result.
  3. If we have managed to go through these two previous steps successfully, it is the last and final step, as well as more complicated, apply the cream or wipe. The product should be spread evenly over the entire face, paying special attention to the most complicated areas, contours of the mouth, nose, eyes, ears ... Something very delicate and that can cause a real damage to our face (or the area we want to tan). Because you have to keep in mind that this is not makeup, that unwanted results cannot be erased easily.

If you really have an interest in tanning now, or at some time when you cannot do it naturally, the best option is that put yourself in the hands of your beautician. They are professionals who dedicate themselves to it and believe me, you will not be the first to go to have some type of self-tanner applied.

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  1.   blue and orange said


    they have a drawback…. If you self-tan your face and neck and it looks good on you, you tie more, and if you tie more, when the garter in question undresses you and takes off your shirt, you see that you have a brown face and a white torso, and that is horrible ... 😉

    Jokes aside, I have tried many and none are completely natural, in addition, they dirty the skin (they clog the pores)

    by the way! what the results cannot be avoided… I saw an anti-self-tanning cream abroad some time ago, to restore the initial tone. I did not try it and I do not know how I would do it, but it still works for someone!

    a greeting!

  2.   Fernando said

    Hector, I have two questions. One is if the self-tanning creams serve as moisturizers and the other, what about the beard? Do you have to shave beforehand? I suppose so because if you can't get a painting done ...


  3.   Hector said

    Good afternoon!

    blue and orange, the truth is that I did not know of the existence of any cream that would cancel out the effect of tanning. I will try to find out exactly what it is and how it works.

    Fernando, there are some self-tanning creams (never the famous wipes) that are also moisturizing. Nivea, L'Oreal and other popular brands have without going any further, yes, do not expect great results. Obviously if you dare to self-tan, you must shave. As you very well say, the hairs would cover part of the skin and you would not achieve a uniform result.


  4.   blue and orange said

    Hello Hector!

    look, the product I told you about is this:

    It has two shades to "tint" the skin, I have not tried it, but the same for a disaster with a self-tanner can be useful! Or maybe it's worse, I don't know!

    a greeting!!!!

  5.   Miguel said

    What self-tanning cream would you recommend me? Does it really work, or does it leave that artificial orange hue?


  6.   Hector said

    Miguel as I mentioned in the post, I do not advise it, unless you put yourself in the hands of your beautician. With their help, you can achieve a decent tone. If you have a lot of interest in tanning, I advise you to use the grape rays, you will win, believe me.

    A greeting!

  7.   George said

    Hello Hector,

    I'm sorry to completely disagree with you. I have used self-tanning creams for many years (in winter I have a deathly paleness, not pleasant to see) and as long as they have a level, such as biotherm homme or nivea, you can achieve a more than sufficient result.

    Keep in mind that cheaper products tend to cause worse results, such as orange skin and uneven tanning. It is better to spend a little more to get a better result.

    I totally agree on the topic of the beard. You have to be perfectly shaved to be able to apply the cream and that the face is clean, however, the sequence that I would recommend is: cleaning soap and just after the moisturizer, let a few minutes pass so that the skin absorbs the moisturizer well and then apply the self tanner.

    I hope I have been helpful!!