Makeup for men, it is already a fact

The tendency to metrosexuality and the fact that men are more and more aware of their appearance, has made possible a masculine approach to products, garments or customs previously only reserved for women. We were already talking to you a few days ago about the male skirt, today we enter the world of cosmetics for men.

Turns out the magazine Men’s Health carried out throughout the month of February a survey through its website from which very interesting data emerged, such as that six out of ten men would be willing to use makeup to improve their appearance.

It should be said that the survey was conducted between men with an average age of 30 years, urban, and residents of large citiesBut still, the results were surprising: 80% said they waxed, while 60% admitted that they would be willing to touch up with makeup.

Although at the end of the day, makeup does not understand female or male faces, in recent times they have been appearing different Proposals from brands such as Ken Men, Guerlain or Jean Paul Gaultier.

For example, Jean Paul Gaultier's makeup line consists of nourishing lip balm in different shades, colored gel for eyebrows and eyelashes, dual-use pencil (khol and anti-dark circles), revitalizing moisturizing face balm, roll-on natural lip gloss, mattifying sun powder and tanned face moisturizing facial fluid.

Come to the makeup, the man goes from being metrosexual to becoming an authentic urbesexual, which corrects imperfections, eliminates redness, dark circles and shine, and hydrates the skin. Of course, remember that the key to success is discreet makeup, of those that seem like they are not there, do not go to get involved with your girlfriend's toiletry bag and end up like a folkloric ...

Image: Yeveira
Vía: Stylus

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  1.   Enrique Olvera said

    Not at all, I wouldn't put makeup on for the world. I consider myself metrosexual because of the way I dress and always look exquisite in the way I speak and walk. I take great care of my appearance and exercise regularly.

    I am fascinated by perfumes and creams, but that is far from me having to put on makeup.

    As a man I keep my masculine essence; but nevertheless I try to make sure that my physique and appearance is adequate in view of the ladies.

  2.   German said

    I would like to know where in Nicaragua I can find these products.

  3.   Adrian Vera said

    How about ... it's very good about the makeup for men, but since in those photos it shows too much that he is made up, it would not come out like that everyone would notice, and the girls get too close to one it would be a shame to be told that you are made up, do not believe
    greetings bye

  4.   girl said

    Well, I think nobody has to be ashamed, I have friends who put on makeup and I think it is a great idea since they are beautiful. everyone has their own way of getting handsome right?

  5.   Abigail said

    Well, it seems great to me that they do it if they have any imperfection on their face, or a large stain. but not that they go as makeup as the one in the photo for example

  6.   Marco Martinez said

    I think that is used for model photoshoots

  7.   Anonymous said

    I put on makeup, I put on concealer for dark circles and I apply a light foundation and I look super for nothing. I look over my makeup .. greetings

  8.   jesus said

    Well, I would like to ... you know I'm gay but the truth is that I have never been like that as metrosexual ... I have always been very common ... however I have had a lot of dark circles and if it worries me a little ... but it would take me a lot to use something like that I don't want to see myself as a woman either ... where can you find that makeup in Mexico?

  9.   Karlo said

    I would like to be able to use makeup to improve my appearance, in the same way that girls use makeup, I think it is a little help and it is totally valid
    Now I'm doing makeup but I use the girls' one, as a base, compact powders, concealers, lipsticks and others but in a subtle way and that way one looks better.
    Guys to wear makeup !!! it does not take away manhood nor does it give femininity !!!

  10.   WOMAN! said

    At least all of my friends like men who make up and wax me, that means that they are clean and that they are presentable, 😀

  11.   pearl said

    No, the truth is, I do not agree with makeup for men, I think that the man should be as he is, it is okay to take care of himself with creams and things like that, but from that to makeup, not also the makeup of men as of women is the same only with different precentacion, pure consumerism, later we will be talking men and women of rhyme, shadows and heels, naaaa not to men's makeup

  12.   mariella said

    The truth is that a boy with makeup and very well cared for says a lot about him, makeup does not imply that they use it as we do, but in a more subtle way that there is the secret.

    Nowadays there are beauty and makeup products for boys but if you prefer, you can use the girls', since there is nothing wrong and it will not take away their masculinity or anything.

    We girls like boys well presented and if they are improving their presence with the help of makeup, good for them ... and of course for us ... because you can get a little advantage out of it.

  13.   frameworks said

    Well, personally I think the idea of ​​using cosmetics, more even makeup, seems excellent, why? because makeup is no longer just a matter for women, now it is common between artists and models, and not only do they have that right and there is why women melt for so many men on the screens, it is time that we as men look so well like them and tidy up around us.
    Now, it is true that it would be unpleasant to see a man with an exaggeratedly made-up face, it would seem a type of false mask, wearing makeup is an art, not everyone has the touch to be so subtle but I recommend that you take this issue into account, try it or I already did it and the results have been excellent. cheers!

  14.   cecilia said

    Hello everybody. I am a makeup artist and I do makeup for men for photos, I don't think it is bad for men to wear makeup, if they feel better ...
    What I do think is that more and more men are victims of consumerism and pressure from brands to look better, I don't think that if they distributed them for free, the big firms would be interested in men putting on makeup, so let's think because some tendensias arise ...

  15.   Hector said

    Well, the important thing is to overcome social stigmas and that men do not rule out the use of makeup, that simple, good idea, hahaha ...

    Where will it be obtained here in Mexico?

    Thank you if you can tell me, I am not very obsessive with the physical but I do not rule out the use of makeup although they should already take makeup for men in more popular lines, also there is no reason to take care that nothing is noticed, it does look natural but don't be ashamed of doing it in front of others.

  16.   alberto said

    Well this bacaneta makeup but a little that shows is that it is very overloaded in tone since different tones are used both to thin the contour of the face but it is interesting I want to know where I find these products in Peru