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Surely you have ever thought about growing a beard because you are more sexy. There are numerous studies and real testimonials from thousands of women who claim that a man with a beard increases sex appeal a lot and that he makes the most modern clothes and styles combine perfectly. However, it is not worth growing any type of beard like that or doing real botch. To know how to have a beard you also have to have style and knowledge about it.

In this post we will teach you how to grow a beard so that you can enjoy it properly and help you increase your style and look more handsome. Do you want to learn about it? Keep reading.

Characteristics of a good beard

differences of having a beard or not

As I mentioned before, it is not worth growing any type of beard like that. You have to take into account some factors before. The first is the size of the beard you want to grow. There are those who leave their beards very long in the style of lumberjacks and others simply by having it somewhat thick and very well trimmed and they look very good.

Depending on the style of clothing you usually wear, one type of beard is more suitable than another. As you try, You will see what style of beard is the one that suits you the most. Sometimes when you start to grow a beard you start to notice how itchy you and sometimes it can get tedious and unbearable. Dandruff can also appear on the beard as well as on the rest of the scalp.

And is that to show off a beautiful beard you also have to know how to grow it. Next we are going to show you some of the most interesting tips and tricks that, if you follow to the letter, I can assure you that you will have a beard that is enviable by many men and attractive to many women.

Commitment to your beard

necessary care for the beard

When you decide to grow a beard, you have to keep in mind that you will go through some phases in which you may not like your appearance or have to suffer a little. At first it is normal that, when the hair begins to thicken after a recent shave, start to itch your beard. You can feel a bit weird with so much hair on your face and you can be lazy to trim it.

One of the mistakes many men make when growing beards is thinking that shaving and trimming is over. Nothing is further from reality. In many cases, caring for a beard is almost more expensive than shaving it completely. And it is that cutting it well and "pruning" it also has its job. You have to have perseverance and perseverance to properly adjust the edges, thickness, etc.

For all this, commit to the growth of your beard. Your beard will not grow overnight. So, if you want your beard to grow, rest assured that thinking that you are going to have stages that you don't like so much is a very good idea.

General care

How to grow a beard

When we talk about growing a beard, we are not only talking about taking care of it, but about taking care of our entire body. The health of our beard is linked to all the health of the body in general. Therefore, it is important to take care of your health in general.

There are some things that can help us grow better and healthier beards. These tips are:

  • Exercise. Yes, although it may seem not, if we exercise we improve our blood circulation in general. The blood will circulate better through our body and will reach the skin of the face better. This is how the beard will grow healthier and in greater quantity.
  • Another aspect to consider it is rest. During the hours that we remain asleep, most of the regeneration of cells occurs. This is where the beard growth process is greatest. So, a good rest will make us have a higher beard growth rate during more night hours.
  • Out of stress. Stress not only leads to hair growing less, but less healthy and ends up falling out. It's sad that your beard can't be populated due to stress.
  • Healthy diet. Take advantage and have a good growth of your beard as an excuse to take your diet to the healthy side. In addition to improving health in general, you can integrate some foods that are richer in nutrients and forget about fast food or full of empty calories. In the diet we can put a higher content of healthy proteins such as chicken, fish, eggs, yogurt, cheese and milk. It is also interesting to put some seeds and nuts such as almonds, hazelnuts and flax seeds. Generally increase the consumption of fruits and vegetables.

Let the beard grow while you take care of your skin

eat healthy to have a beard

When you stop shaving, you may be tempted at first to want to trim your beard for the first few weeks to shape it. However, if you do this you will be weakening it. Hold 4-6 weeks for the hair to soften and we can shape it.

As I mentioned before, it may be that poor hygiene makes you have dandruff in your beard and that is very, very ugly. Since primary itching is what bothers the most, something must be done to remove it. The itch arises because the hair grows very fast and strong through the skin and that is when you have to wash the skin to eliminate dirt and bacteria. This is how we create a more hygienic habit to have a clean beard. We must bear in mind that growing a beard is not synonymous with being careless.

You can help your beard grow with an essential oil formulation that also helps hydrate the skin. Once the beard has a considerable length, you should start brushing it. The more you brush it, the more you can tame your hairs so that they grow in the direction you want and don't grow messy. It is important to cover all the gaps that we have to show a beard as healthy as possible.

I hope that with these tips you know how to grow a beard in the best possible way.

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