Does marriage exist without sex?

sexless marriage

The words "marriage without sex" becomes one of the most searched phrases on the internet. It is something that happens and is already posed as a reality, because many couples do not succumb to that type of issue until they are involved in it. The doubt is that couples who experience it come to question whether This type of situation puts your sex life or marriage at risk.

In order to value this detail much more, it has been possible to assess whether this is a full-blown reality. The answer, before these doubts, are in the surveys and it was discovered that 12% of couples in a stable relationship had not had sexual intercourse in the last 3 months. There were another 20% who had not had sex for a year or so.

Are these data revealing? Is it a reality that worries more and more? or has it always existed? The answer is not simple. Some experts come to context that not having sexual relations between partners leads to asexual couples. Others believe that the preferences in maintaining this type of relationship are marked in a practical and personal way between the man and the woman. From this point each one does it at their own pace.

Why does marriage exist without sex?

By general term This type of situation usually occurs when both couples reach 40 years of age. Although there are many factors that can trigger such behavior. It is not necessary to reach that age for it to exist, and many couples establish a commitment by having offspring and as a result form another lifestyle. This type of decision involves having other privileges and behavior with their partners, the children here take more prominence.

sexless marriage

There are other factors that trigger not having sex. Lack of communication, lack of desire, health problems, worries, stress, menopause ... it is easy to put your sex life aside because of these factors. It is important that there is communication and talk about such a situation.

However, and as advice, if there is a possibility that one of them tries to maintain relationships and the other person does not collaborate, don't try to persuade your partner, do not show great anger or frustration. This can further aggravate the situation.

When is there a problem between both parties?

The problem exists when you know that problem exists and you shut up. It is difficult to pretend to speak and bring it up, but you always have to try to put yourself in the other person's situation.

It turns out to be a problem when talking is not preferred and the person does not try to communicate their wishes, your intentions, what you think or need. This is when infidelities come since the affected person justifies that he no longer felt desired, ends up taking this type of purpose and ends up breaking the relationship

sexless marriage

Is a sexless marriage happy?

Although it seems really impossible or incomprehensible Most couples in this position are happy. This type of couples They survive starting with respect and looking for other types of alternatives. The important and main thing is to establish a serious, sincere and direct communication on the subject and not to leave it as a taboo subject.

These types of couples enjoy spending their time doing other types of activities like traveling, going out and sharing intimate moments, connecting with nature, going out to dinner, living day to day with your children, etc.

Other couples are happy also having a less active sexual life. Many of them have sex once a year for the celebration of an anniversary, and with that they feel much more satisfied than those who habitually have sex without feeling anything. That is why specialists consider this type of practice depending on where they consider it "normal" to have sex. As You cannot talk about a number of times you have sex and each individual is different.

The problem coexists when there is a lack of harmony within intimacy. If one of the parties decides to have more relationships with their partner and there are discrepancies, there may be a disconnection and hence the conflicts.

If you want to change, it is a matter of time and effort

sexless marriage

When the intensity of the practice has been lowered or is already null there can be great resistance to retaking that intimacy again. Between these couples, intimate moments, kisses and caresses have been lost in most cases and taking up these actions again can be misinterpreted.

Trying to intimidate your partner can be uncomfortable and it is almost better that it arises and emerges spontaneously, without going to the point directly. You have to try to raise the tone with a physical approach or a passionate kiss, but at least try.

It is a difficult situation to take up again since many couples have become used to living without sex and no longer miss it. They have surely come to the conclusion that they can enjoy their life without sex, which is not the same as having a problem, and they admit their situation. This type of persons have remained to be and remain within the circle of asexuals , without prioritizing sex.

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