Foods with more protein

Foods with more protein

Proteins are part of our diet and they are essential for all those people who play sports regularly. The function of these molecules is not to give energy to our body, but rather to its exercise is to act as a structuring agent.

Proteins are made up of amino acids that act as peptide bonds. The structure and order of these amino acids will depend on the genetic code of each person. Only half of our body's weight is made up of protein as they are present in all the cells of our body.

Its main functions are to maintain the shape and structure of the cells of our body. And not only that, but it helps them in all their vital processes such as: repairing damage, regulating their functions, defending themselves from external agents, etc. Conclusion they are essential to maintain good muscle mass.

How many proteins does our body need?

Its intake gives us 4 kilocalories per gram. Between 10 and 35 percent of the calories we eat should be from protein. For example, if we consume about 2000 calories a day, between about 200 to 600 calories should be protein, which would be an equivalent of 50 to 170 grams.

To understand it in another way, a person weighing 75 kilograms should consume about 60 grams of protein per day. In the case of athletes we would have to multiply by 1.5 to 1.8 grams per kilo that the person weighs, its result in grams will be what they need to eat daily.

High-protein foods

There is a long list of foods in our diet that contain protein, for this we are going to list the foods with the most protein. We can affirm that they are generally found in meat, eggs, some dairy products, legumes, and fish. Cereals and other plant foods contain a much lower proportion.

The proteins obtained from animal meat are of different quality compared to vegetables. Those of animal origin contain all the essential amino acids and those of vegetable origin contain a lower diversity of amino acids. So it is essential to combine these two classes of proteins so that their contribution is complete.


Parmesan cheese contains an average of 38 proteins for every 100 g of this food. It is one of the dairy products that contributes the most, but in general there are some more on the list, such as ball cheese with 25,5 g per 100 g. El Burgos cheese contains 14 grams and fresh manchego cheese up to 26 grams.


Foods with more protein

The pretty It is one of the fish with the most protein, it contains 24,7 g per 100 grams. In tuna we also find a great source of protein, we can find up to 23 grams when fresh versus canned with about 24 grams. These foods are ideal in a diet because of their omega 3 content.

The cod also provides a great source of protein with a few 21 grams and in salmon 20,7 grams and in anchovies up to 28 grams.

In seafood like the prawns we find 23 grams. as prawns 24 grams and clams up to 20 grams.

In flesh

Foods with more protein

The rabbit contains 23 grams It is essential for diets because of its low fat content. The chicken also presents near the 22 grams for 100 grams and turkey 24 grams.

Veal also contains a high proportion with 21 grams, the lamb about 18 grams and the pork with 17 grams. In sausages the serrano ham takes the star arriving to contribute up to 30 grams.


Foods with more protein

Legumes are as healthy a food as fruit, provides that great source of proteins and amino acids so essential to our diet. One piece of information to contribute is that although they are of plant origin it has been shown that they are just as complete as proteins of animal origin.

Lupins contain a high source of protein, coming to contain up 36,2 grams per 100 g of this food. Follow him dry soy coming to contribute up to 35, 9 grams ylas lentils with 23,8 grams.

Beans They are also on the list with the highest protein intake with 23,2 grams followed by dried peas and lentils. Soybeans contain 24 grams And follows chickpeas and white beans with 21 grams. One of the legumes that takes the most are lupins with 36 grams per 100 g of food.



Nuts are also on that list of foods with more protein. Is it so peanuts with 25 grams together with pistachios and almonds with 18 grams.

Other foods with more protein


There are the eggs that reach up to 13 grams per unit. They are the ones that contain the best quality of proteins within the food pyramid. Most of this substance is concentrated in the yolk, although many dietitians recommend eating only the white as it contains much less fat, but still maintains a high percentage.

Seitan is a food preparation based on wheat gluten that reaches to contain up to 22 grams. Gelatin is another of the star foods, containing up to 85% of its weight in protein.

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