How to get a wavy perm on short hair

wavy perm on short hair

If you decide to make yourself a wavy perm on short hair you will bet on a totally different look change, but in fashion. Your head will be brimming with amazing curls or wavy hair with a cut. hair called Undercut.

Clearly is the type of hairstyle that right now sets a lot of trends. We have seen it throughout history and in the 90s showing a lot of potential. We cannot ignore that this hairstyle has arrived with great force, something that can be seen in many teenagers.

The Undercut hairstyle It is the most prominent among all the hairstyles that can be used with the wavy or curly perm. To achieve this hairstyle, the sides of the head must be practically shaved and the upper part left well grown in order to make that desired curl.

How do you get this wavy perm?

To be able to do a perm you have to go through the hairdresser to be able to do the type of curl that you like the most. The ideal is go to a unisex or women's center where they will be much more used to doing permanents.

wavy perm on short hair

To be able to do them, use a chemical treatment that modifies the structure of your hair, this compound will weaken the capillary structure of the hair and transform straight hair into a more wavy one. It can be done at home, but putting yourself in the hands of a professional is worth it.

If you do not want to go through a chemical process and want to obtain curly hair in a timely manner, you can read our recommendations for how to have curly hair o hair curling products.

Steps to get a wavy perm

As we have already reviewed, a wavy perm can be done on short hair, but only when the hair is long enough to allow it. This process cannot be done on very short hair, since the smallest curler measures 4 to 5 centimeters and a small lock of hair must be rolled over it.


To start we must have hair washed and wet. It will curl your hair, strand after strand in curlers, some utensils that can be made of plastic or wood. With the hair rolled in the curlers we will use a neutralizing chemical to break down the keratin that protects the hair. This product weakens the original structure of the hair and must be let it rest for 15 to 20 minutes.

In the next step and with the curlers on, you will wash your hair and put it on again. a neutralizing liquid, to fully strengthen the new structure and the hair to resist the new change. Finally we remove the curlers, we massage the hair the hair delicately to expand the product and after 5 or 10 minutes we will wash the hair again to remove all the remains. Finally we will wash and dry the hair to observe the results.

wavy perm on short hair

How to take care of the perm

In order to maintain that special care for your hair and for the curl to remain as stable, you have to carry out a series of cares so that it lasts much longer:

  • When you have to wash your hair regularly, just any shampoo is not worth it. You have to use a specific one for curly hair and free of sulfates. Then you have to use a specific conditioner to achieve great hydration and softness in the hair.
  • The use of hair mask It is also recommended but can only be used once or twice a week. To dry your hair, do not do it roughly so as not to punish it, but with small touches of a towel and use a special comb with wide bristles or comb it with your own fingers.

wavy perm on short hair

  • If you want your hair to be defined afterwards, you can use specific products. You can use those that fix the curl and give a natural image or that give a wet appearance, such as those that are made from waxes. The serum They are also good products because they provide a lot of hydration and enhance the shine of the hair, but do not abuse them because their silicones can modify the curl.

Tips when creating a wavy perm

When doing your perm you have to be clear about the type of curl you want to achieve. We must clarify this point because a wavy hair like surf waves is not the same as a very closed and small curl.

wavy perm on short hair

If you suffer from delicate hair, it must be concluded that this treatment requires a chemical product that weakens the internal structure of your hair, so it will be damaged to a lesser or greater extent.

Wavy perm lasts a long time, depending on the haircuts you do and usually around 2 to 6 months. Curly hair will disappear as you cut it, as what grows will take its natural shape.

What can happen if you regret it after getting the perm? If you have reached this point it is because you probably do not like the effect it has created. Do not worry, it has a solution, you can only cut your hair to eliminate that curl or you can use some of the techniques such as irons or dryer.

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