How to remove the rash after waxing

How to remove the rash after waxing

After waxing, last minute problems can occur that create us tenderness and rash. In these cases the skin feels irritated with a burning effect getting to stay red. To avoid this process, we will propose a series of guidelines to remove the rash after waxing.

Another problem that succumbs is when bumps are created. As the hair grows back, it becomes embedded between the skin, where it grows and curls inward, producing small red pimples. To avoid this inconvenience, a series of tips can be applied that we review below.

Tips to avoid rash after waxing

Generally, your skin can become much more susceptible to get irritation and rash. Using a handheld razor on dry skin will most likely cause the problem. Using a blunt blade increases the risk much more. A tip before waxing is to keep your skin clean and above all very hydrated, you can do it between three to five minutes before shaving

If we are going to shave with a razor, we can use some type of gel or foam to make the passage of the blade with the skin much smoother and more lubricated. Also before giving each pass in hair removal it is better wet the blade and always in the direction where the hair grows.

How to remove the rash after waxing

It can exfoliate the skin before waxing, consists of renewing your skin by removing excess dead cells that remain attached. The methods that can be used are chemical soaps, natural products with small granules or devices with circular rubs. By removing the cells we will leave a free path for the hair to grow.

The blades and their shape also prevail in irritation after waxing. If you have single use blades It is better to use them once for each hair removal, and especially to use those that offer you several sheets and gel bands on the head. When waxing, do not try to pass the blade several times over the same area.

Dilation of pores It is also a very good idea, of course before waxing and in the most delicate areas. You can use heat to enhance this effect, shaving with hot soap and water or go placing very hot towels on the skin for a few minutes so that the pores can dilate. In this way it will be much easier to extract the hair.

How to remove the rash after waxing

Tips and Tricks to Relieve Rash

If you've been careful not to get this annoying rash, and it still has, we have another set of tips that could help you get rid of the annoying irritation.

  • If the irritation is instantaneous, it can be applied in the area a cloth dampened with very cold water in order to calm that burning. There are also different products on the market that serve as lotions to apply after waxing.
  • Moisturize the skin After this process it is also essential, so that you have a feeling of calm. With well-hydrated skin, symptoms of itching and the appearance of a skin rash will not appear.
  • There are creams on the market with aloe vera. Also the gel of this plant collected directly from the plant has a very moisturizing, calming and restorative property. Have a high healing power and in a short time you will see how that area is repaired.

How to remove the rash after waxing

  • Shea Butter it is a good moisturizer for depilated skin. You can warm it up a bit before applying it, as it will enhance its effect. Other oils like musket oil They are very healing, it can be a gel or spray that contains this component. The almonds oil It is also very nourishing and moisturizing, in any of these oils it will be necessary to apply them after waxing and massage until absorbed.
  • If you don't have any of these oils on hand, you may be able to dip into baby oil. It is very hydrating and highly moisturizing. Will calm the skin if it has been rough and is ideal for after waxing.
  • It is convenient do not expose yourself to the sun after waxing because it can further irritate the skin and make it worse. It is also advised do not wear clothing that is too tight that can rub against the skin and do not allow the skin to perspire. In your case it is better if it is loose and with a cotton composition.

In the event that the irritated area reaches more, it may have occurred a secondary infection of the follicles. Given the case, it is necessary to end this infection and for this it must be evaluated by a specialist doctor.

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