How to dye your beard

dye the beard

Dyeing the beard is a fact that has been practiced for years and that every time it is applying much more in all the societies. There are men who like to wear beards, but sometimes they show that their appearance, color or quality is out of tune with the rest of their hair and face. It should be noted that it is becoming a more common practice and It is a way of combining that tonality and appearance with the rest of your image.

Remember that dyeing the beard is a common measure applied by 55% of men and that every time we have a wide range of products available to us in the market. There are barbershops that will help you choose the correct tone, even the advice of a woman can be the most correct.

How to dye your beard

Surely your appearance went from being so original and natural, And now your beard looks quite gray, or you are brown and your beard appears blonde, or red-haired and with a blonde beard ... that makes all eyes pay more attention to that detail and you don't like it.

You have decided to dye your beard, but you don't know where to turn or how to do it. There are two ways to dye your beard, one is at home with a product you buythe going to a specialized centers and putting you in the care of expert hands.

Dye your beard at home

If you do not like going to specialized centers or you do not have one that is close, always you can use this practice inside your home. You will only need the instruments that are exposed inside the dye box kit and a beard with a length of at least 2,5 cm in length.

When choosing a dye, you mustchoose one that matches your hair color and try to buy a specialized one for this type of hair. Do not try to choose other types of dyes that are specialized for the hair of the head, they can be irritating, since the product is indicated for this area and not for the face. There are many stores or supermarkets that already have these products, or on the internet, with a wide variety of brands and styles.

beard dyes

Step by step to dye yourself at home:

  • Before starting try doing a little allergy test before making the dye on the beard. For this you must apply a little product on an area of ​​the skin that is not visible. Apply the product and wait at least one night to see if your skin reacts to a possible allergy. If there is no change you can proceed to use it.
  • Wash the beard. The hair must be clean before applying the product. Make sure you have rinsed off any remaining shampoo well and completely dry your beard. Don't use any conditioner.
  • Prepare the product and apply it. Prepare the entire kit before proceeding with the dyeing. Wear gloves to protect yourself from product stains on your hands. Use the applicator to distribute the product between the hair. If you don't have an applicator, you can think of using a toothbrush or a similar small brush. Apply the product with directional movements from top to bottom and make sure not to leave any visible area.
  • Wait for the dye to take effect: read the instructions to know the time it takes to take effect, it usually works in about 20 minutes. There are beards that are very dark that require a second application for the dye to take effect.

dye the beard

  • Remove the product with water: If you think that you have already achieved the correct tone, you must remove the dye with water, until you see that the water comes out clean.
  • Wash your beard. Use a shampoo to wash your beard and dry it with special care, since the towel could suffer some stains. With this you will have finished your dye and you should observe its results.

Semi-permanent dyes

They usually come in a shampoo format. This product is used to color the desired areas.

Its use is similar to the other dye. You must apply it on the dry beard and wait a minimum of 5 minutes for light colors, or a maximum of 20 minutes for a more accentuated color. Its effect can last from 5 to 6 washes.

handsome man

Go to a specialized center

If your thing is not to dye your beard at home and you do not feel capable of giving it an optimal result, you can always put yourself in the hands of professionals.

It is one of the best proposals, they will indicate the best product you need, the appropriate color and the most suitable for your style. Without fail, they will always apply it to you giving you a most natural result.

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