The best tips for men with wide hips

Men with wide hips

Men like to wear a good waist-to-shoulder ratio. Many have the physiognomy of having a wide hip and that they cannot reduce without any type of exercise, it is their complexion and it cannot be changed. But maybe there are clothes that can make you feel so much betterthe exercises that can tune or replace other parts of the body so that the hips together have a visually much more perfect body.

For all men who want to refine their hips because they have fat, here we can already value the be able to follow a diet that can help eliminate everything that your body does not need, that yes with exercises to enhance what we want to achieve.

What type of body do wide hips correspond to?

There are various body types that structure and name a man's bodies. In the case of men with wide hips, they enter into those bodies called Endomorph, since they are people with tendency to gain weight, with a higher bone density, with a large waist and wide hips. With this composition it seems that the arms and legs give an appearance of being much shorter in stature.

In general, women prefer men where the waist and shoulders cannot be the same size in width, but the proportion stands out, which the shoulders are much wider than the waist and hips.

To improve these ratios much better we can use two exercises to improve your appearance, for broad shoulders there is nothing that works better than the chin-ups. And to reduce the waist the best exercise can be found with the "Kettlebell swing".

Exercises to decrease waist width

We cannot give specific information on why men they can accumulate fat in this area, we do know that in women this fact is a natural way to facilitate future childbirth. In men it is possible to believe that it is because save a fat accumulation in an attempt to save energy for when it is needed.

Aerobic exercise is great for weight loss and therefore it is lowered with a lot of volume at the waist and hips. Some of these exercises are cycling, swimming, running, walking and boxing. It is recommended at least a minimum of 30 minutes 3 times a week.

Men with wide hips

Reverse crunch, lateral plank and single plank

Men with wide hips

Squats, Oblique Crunch and Front Crunch

Other exercises that are recommended are based on a specific training to strengthen the muscles of the hips, apart from all the muscles of the abs to strengthen all areas. It is recommended to do Front Cruch, Oblique Crunch, Reverse Crunch, Central Plank, Side Plank and Squats for legs.

For this exercise table to be effective, it is advisable to dedicate 2 days a week with 3 sets of 30 for each exercise with a 20 second break between rounds. You can decrease or increase the exercises depending on each person.

A balanced diet to reduce wide hips

Without a doubt, the best foods are those that help eliminate fat. What is owed avoiding is eating carbohydrates at night, do not eat more than 20 g of bread a day and forget about foods with hydrogenated fats or sugar.

The recommended foods that provide the necessary nutrients are those that give you satiety and have healthy fats. In our diet we can apply fruits and vegetables, with a great contribution of vitamins and minerals. Fish, meat and eggs, which although they contain fats are essential for the body, they contain amino acids and proteins. Nuts and legumes, which are foods with slow absorption but with a lot of energy and nutrients and you can't miss the rice, a staple food to reduce fat.

Men with wide hips

The clothes that best suit men with wide hips

You can take advantage of the infinite combinations that we can report with the clothes we have in our wardrobe, surely you will be one of those who are going to buy a garment and you will try it on before taking it home, but here we can tell you what are the pieces they can choose the first time.

T-shirts are better than a comfortable and somewhat tight fittingHowever, those that are too wide or too tight are not suitable. It is better to wear jackets with straight cuts and straight lines, and that the pockets do not protrude too much from the sides.

Pants must be high-waisted, that are straight and with oblique pockets to emphasize slenderness. Avoid baggy pants, that they are large and even cover your footwear, since it will seem that you look lower and rounded.

All clothing fabrics must be fine and light, since the thick ones add volume and that is what we want to avoid. Regarding the colors, dark tones are flattering and bold colors are best avoided, especially in the central part of the belly. It is best to wear solid colored garments with vertical striped patterns.

It is not advisable to wear high boots, because you will appear much shorter, for this use shoes or sports or dress shoes. Avoid patterned or colorful belts as they are friends of making your appearance appear rounder.

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