How to practice the kettlebell swing

Kettlebel Swing:

For professionals of Strength & Conditioning They are already being conditioned by a series of tools for a great physical and athletic preparation. Among many of these implements we find the Kettlebel Swing or Kettlebell.

This type of kettlebell training or exercise is used primarily for exercise programs. recreational fitness and in some college and professional strength and conditioning programs.

What is the Kettlebell Swing?

The Kettlbell Swing It is a powerful exercise that has been performed for decades and its functionality is fascinating, since physically conditions thousands of athletes thanks to his 'foundational' exercises.

To perform this exercise you have to have a kettlebell or kettlebell, an object that is used in Crossfit to work with loads. The person who performs it has to stand with the legs a little wider than the shoulders and hips and placing the kettlebell in front, on the floor and in the middle of both feet.

It will begin by descending the trunk and with a straight back, flexing the hips, as if we were going to perform a squat. At this time the kettlebell will be picked up from the floor with both hands, swing back from the body under the legs and towards the front of the torso until placing it above the head, always with the arms extended. In the following video we can see how it is done.

There are two styles of practicing the Kettlebel Swing:

  • American Kettlebell Swing: It is when this upward movement is made, where the kettlebell ends in front of the head.
  • Russian Kettlebell Swing: This movement is also upward and ends when the kettlebell is raised above the head.

Kettlebell training has become a formality and as a staple in any strength and endurance training program. It has even become a fundamental instrument and effective for Functional Sports Reeducation and Sports Performance.

Kettlebel Swing:


With the Kettlebell Swing or balancing with kettlebells we achieve great effectiveness in the glute development, burn fat, mark the waist and create a strong six-pack. It is one of the alternatives of doing sports and training the muscular system as well as the cardiovascular one. In addition to improving muscles improves the balance and coordination of the body.

Care to perform the Kettlebell Swing

Playing this sport also brings its mistakes, so injuries can occur. The weight of the dumbbell must be adjusted in proportion to the strength and physical complexion of the person, a heavier weight can lead to injury. To do this, you must choose a weight that does not involve too much effort and go increasing your kilos as you evolve. When you begin to observe that your kettlebell begins to raise it without difficulty above your head, then you can start to gain more weight.

Kettlebel Swing:

In the same way we can take care in the way to bend the knees, since you do not have to do it excessively, but rather doing a small squat and not moving the hips. The correct way to do it will determine how to do this sport successfully.

We have to ensure that where we practice it be a safe space And let nothing come before us that we might stumble upon. The grip must be secure, since the movement or swing is done at high speed. The way to grip it has to be much wider when the curvature is going to be made. It is not much safer when performed from the center, looking like it is going to slip overhead.

Avoid rounding the back when lifting the weight. Getting used to performing this movement leads to an overload of the back and a possible injury. The correct posture is to keep your chest upright and your back straight.

Kettlebel Swing:

Benefits of practicing this sport:

The back of the body is worked: from the entire back to the hamstrings and glutes. In the same way we can see it in the back of the legs (biceps, femoral, seminembranous and semitendinosus). You will be able to corroborate it in your first sessions and when the stiffness begins to appear.

For those who suffer from back pain it is ideal for strengthen this part and the lumbar and abdominal area, provided it is done correctly.

You can combine aerobic and anaerobic activity. So as you increase the weight of the kettlebell, you will burn many more calories.

Kettlebel Swing:

According to a study released by Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research This kettlebell swing is an exercise that makes you the body responds with good hormonal stability, making it excellent for athletic development.

This exercise is perfect for doing the Tabata method, Ya que many muscles are worked at the same time and that makes him exercise them, at the same time raises the heart rate, something that does not happen with traditional dumbbells.

This sport is excellent and you have to know that practicing it requires a good posture to do it correctly without causing any type of injury. If you have doubts about how to do it and you liked it, you can go to a gym and put yourself in the hands of an expert for better recommendation

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