Hair massage

hair massage

Many men experience the annoying hair loss on the head firsthand. For this situation follow being a taboo subject and it becomes a big problem that they reserve, since much of this hair that ends in fall does not come out again. There are various treatments for this type of problem and hair massage is included within this therapy. This technique is millenary and is still used today thanks to its great benefits.

Hair massage is a simple method that consists of massaging the scalp in order to activate circulation and so among many functions to eliminate hair loss. If you accompany this technique with a treatment, the penetration of that product can be much more effective and thus give more vitality to your hair.

What does a hair massage give us?

A capillary massage shared with physiotherapy the benefit of relieving an area thanks to hand movements and pressure. Therefore, this type of massage leads to a Muscle relaxation which is both turns out to be very beneficial for the bones.

Hair massage apart from being a great benefit for its relaxing purpose as well it serves as a great potential to stop hair loss. The gentle pressure applied to the scalp with the hands activates the blood supply or, what is the same, its circulation.

With this massage oxygenation of the hair follicles is activated And that's a good thing, because it will increase your blood circulation making your hair look much more vigorous and healthy.

wash your hair

This technique is a great ally to prevent androgenetic alopecia. This type of alopecia is hereditary since it is transmitted by several generations in the family, but that does not mean you have to feel resignation for going bald, but you can do this treatment and wait to see its results.

As well it is very beneficial when combined with other treatments against baldness, such as oral medications, gels or lasers for its prevention. The two combinations help to enhance each other, favoring your results, becoming more receptive.

Benefits of a hair massage

Hair massage dates from 2.000 BC and was used in India. Her beauty routine consisted of giving her hair more vigor and making it grow strong and shiny. As a consequence of these benefits, we can provide others that go hand in hand:

  • Helps its vascularization. Massaging the scalp increases the microcirculation of the tissues by increasing their vascularity, or what is the same, dilates the blood vessels and that equates to more blood circulating through the hair follicle and more oxygen. As a consequence of all this is the stimulation of hair growth.
  • Prevents the formation of inflammations and it can even be beneficial for the appearance of edema. It concludes in a positive result for our immune system.
  • Beautify our hair. The friction of the hands on the head helps to remove the toxins and dead cells, this helps to clean any obstruction of the hair follicles and that means health for the hair. As a consequence, it will make it brighter and more resistant.
  • Helps stop hair loss. As the pores are not clogged, the hair remains freer and without loads and that equates to less stress. A large blockage of sebum in the porous follicles is reported to suffer this fall and we must help to avoid it.
  • Relieves headaches. The relaxing effect of the massage also helps to relax the body and mind, helps a lot to feel well-being and is the best conclusion of improve the quality of life and raise the spirits.

hair massage

Ways to do hair massage

With rubbing: It is the most traditional massage. After washing the hair and still being wet, we can apply some treatment and begin to massage. We will start using the thumbs from the nape to the back of the ears, with the rest of the fingers we go up to the crown making circles or spirals.

With friction: This type of massage is done in a circular way with the peculiarity of moving the hands always in the same direction, smoothly, slowly and evenly.

With pressures: it is done by pressing with the fingertips, or the palms of the hands or the closed hand.

With percussions: with an open or concave hand, quick and small taps are given. These small touches can also be given with the tips of your fingers.

With vibrations: with the fingertips or the palms of the hands make small and continue pressure on the skin, simulating a vibration

Frequency and contraindication of hair massages

If you frequently perform these hair massages, the results are obvious. You have to be repetitive in doing it and constant, an example of this would be 2 to 3 times a week to benefit from its results.

As a contraindication, it is important to know that this treatment should not be performed. when there is evidence of inflammation or when there are possible cracks, wounds, moles or eruptions.

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