Types of bangs for men

Types of bangs for men

The bangs in men still exist and it is an essential complement for many people with that special and different touch, to cover some type of imperfection or to give a touch of balance on wide fronts.

Get a haircut and bangs It may surprise you, since it can lengthen your face, round off your easy features much more or hide any peculiarity. Without a doubt, short hairstyles are the ones that give the bangs that appeal the most, they give that look much cooler and cooler.

Types of bangs depending on the faces

We know first-hand that not all haircuts are flattering and more, without a doubt, if we are going to leave us bangs. Round faces do not require straight bangs, since the effect will still be much more potentiated. The ideal is to break that symmetry marking it to the side. The bangs are appropriate for men with long faces since shortens their length.

Square faces they usually have very pronounced jaws. To break with the call of attention of that jaw, you can bet on a hipster hairstyle, with much longer hair on top with bangs fading to the face. The bangs do not look good on this type of face as they shorten their length.

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For oval faces we can advise many kinds of hairstyles and fortunately accepts all kinds of bangs. The same happens with the types of beard, almost all models are accepted.

Types of bangs for men

Types of bangs

The bangs in men are back to stay. They set their trend in 2016 and it is retaken again for that sophisticated aspect that derives to create an image that gives freshness and mobility. Their types or classes are very different, to combine not too long hair with bangs you have to give it volume. Serve the Gradient cuts with angled cuts. Although the smooth and straight cuts, everything will depend on the type of haircut with which it is combined.

The ideal to get a perfect bangs is that you already know the type you want, get a replica per photo and know that it is the one that will suit you well for your type of face. The hairdresser will be responsible To harmonize that cut you want, it will make your curls fall slightly on your face. If you have straight hair, it will be angled, where can it be? straight or swept to the side. It is essential to be in the hands of a professional so that he knows how to blend the sides of the bangs with the sides of the face.

Long, angular bangs

It is long and reaches the entire forehead and part of the eyebrows. Its shape can be straight or with a cut that can be managed to one side of the face. This cut is also designed for when you want to pull your hair back and it is undoubtedly one of the most popular and for daring guys.

Types of bangs for men

Straight bangs with lots of hair

This type of cut must have a very tight and perfect cut. The hands of a specialist can help you get this fringe. In most cases, a lot of hair is needed to give it texture and firmness. The length of the hair can be chosen either extremely long or short.

Types of bangs for men

Short tousled bangs

This type of bangs is short and makes you dare to wear it due to its short length. They are the trendsetters, both in curly hair and on messy and smooth hairs. Its purpose is that it is totally disheveled, but with a few touches of care, it must seem that it is arranged and naturally shaped.

Types of bangs for men

Curly bangs

This type of cut cannot be missing for men with curly hair. This aspect is generally left to the Undercut and modern cuts, The sides of the head are very shaved and the upper area is quite long. All the hair will flop forward, on the forehead with a natural fall, with many or few curls. Ideally, leave a look that creates movement.

Types of bangs for men

Bangs maintenance

When we have our cut ready we have to know how to show it off with that fresh and youthful appearance. If you want to use a fixative the best way to do it is with a product with a matte effect. Hair wax is one of the advantages, since it is a brand and you can choose to have a small wet effect. It only remains to keep it at the same level with a small cut once a month, since in this area its growth is marked.

When choosing a hairstyle and especially with bangs, you have to respect the natural shape of the hair. Do not force the hair or let your hairdresser create shapes that you cannot later achieve when you have your first wash. If you need to know more ideas you can read us in our section "haircuts with bangs".

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