Facial care for men

Facial care for men

Men already they put more and more emphasis on taking care of their skin. Doing facial care in men is trying to improve their appearance, show off their skin with more beauty and sunderstand yourself better. Today we have on the market a large number of these products for men and for all skin types.

Facial care in men requires the same routine and discipline as any treatment. It is not worth applying any cream that we see at first sight and less those of women, since the skin of a man is totally different in various characteristics that we will see below.

How does facial care in men have to be?

It is important to note that men's skin is much thicker than women's, apart from being more likely to contain more sebaceous glands and being more recurrent to suffer from acne. It is because of that they need special care for after shaving because they will expose your skin to the outside.


Daily routine

  • Clean the face every day. It is important to follow a daily hygiene habit because men's skin contains more sebaceous glands, so it is important clean all that accumulated grease and dirt throughout the day. A cleansing gel should be used every morning and before going to bed.

Facial care for men


  • Exfoliate the skin: As a cleaning routine it is very important exfoliate the skin at least twice a week. This type of cream is called exfoliating and with its grainy texture they help to thoroughly remove all dead skin cells.
  • Take care of your shave. It is like sewing and singing, but behind all this we have skin that is suffering when we are shaving it. To facilitate the process is convenient to do it after a shower, since the hair will be much softer and it will be much easier to cut it. Use a shaving foam or gel suitable for your skin type and check that the razor blades are in perfect condition.
  • Use an After Shave. You have to regain the calm of the skin after shaving. Clean all the remains that have been of the gel or foam and if possible with cold water, then with a towel dry. Apply the After Shave throughout the shaved area and with circular movements, this lotion will help soothe possible irritations and disinfect the small cuts that have been produced.
  • Moisturizes the skin. It is very important moisturize facial skin with a cream, since an after shave is not hydrating enough. For it look for a cream according to your skin type. As a general rule, men have much oilier skin, so we need a fat-free cream so as not to saturate the pores.
  • Use an eye contour. Do not forget this step as it is ideal for greatly improve wrinkles around your eyes and smooth out your wrinkles.

Facial care for men

  • Moisturizing night cream or serum. Following this routine and applying it before bed is ideal for men over 40. You will notice its results in a few weeks, since these types of creams work very well at night.
  • Natural masks during the week. This type of mask is an extra contribution to take better care of the skin of the face. If you like to take care of yourself you can make your own masks, for this we propose you in this article how to make the best ones with natural ingredients.
  • Beard care. Face care is similar, we can exfoliate in the same way and nourish our skin in the same way. There are on the market for beard care specific products to clean it and apply oils to hydrate your hair, so it will be splendid and brilliant.

Natural treatments

For those men who do not like to use creams in the market, we can make our own treatments to take care of our skin. For daily cleaning we keep doing the same washes, one in the morning and one at night. You may add a part of lemon juice or fresh milk to the water.

To exfoliate the skin you can use household cleaners. We will mix a tablespoon of oats, with a tablespoon of water and another of fine salt. You rub your face carefully in all corners, let it rest for a few minutes and rinse with cold water.

To hydrate it we can make use of natural masks As mentioned before, the use of honey and almonds are a good set. To soothe the skin after a busy day we can apply a mist on the face with infusions like chamomile and green tea. They will leave your skin totally relaxed.

Facial care for men

Extra care and advice for your skin

Retinol-based products they are a good excellent to be able to have a splendid skin, at least that is what the specialists recommend. Helps reduce wrinkles, blemishes, and acne.

Another recommendation is to try use a sunscreen, it is the best care for your skin. We can even do an exra hydration report drinking a large amount of water every day. Not recommended make use of caffeine, tobacco, sugar and alcohol, are counterproductive ingredients for maintaining ideal skin tone.

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