How to Strengthen Your Quadriceps

How to Strengthen Your Quadriceps

Quadriceps They are part of the muscles of our body where they create stability to our daily mobility. They are responsible for creating movement on the legs and that is why we must take care of them. For this we can take care of this area knowing some exercises to strengthen these muscles.

Quadriceps they are of the strongest muscles and with greater vitality of the body. If we keep them in good shape, it can mean that the knees do not fear ailments such as osteoarthritis. And this is not just one of the advantages, since they are involved in avoid a lot of leg-related trauma and the rest of the body.

How can we take care of and strengthen the quadriceps?

If what you like is to strengthen the quadriceps, you should know that they are one of the most beautiful parts when it comes to tone your body. But if what you want is to keep them in top shape, the following exercises will help you get them. in perfect state.


How to Strengthen Your Quadriceps

You can not miss this type of exercise to be able to strengthen the quadriceps. Definitely it is one of the most effective and it will help to give more robustness to the muscle and strengthen the lower joints. Squats can be performed in a variety of ways, but the most unique are to spread your legs and place your feet in line with your shoulders. We will bow with the thought of sitting, But moving your torso forward a little and leaving your abs tense.

We place our hands forward and we lower our hips until they reach the height of the knees. From here we go back up with force from the tip of the feet, we will observe how the quadriceps are activated.

Do step in a drawer

This shape will remind us of the movement we make when climbing stairs. The type of step or height of this box is not that of the step classes, but a somewhat taller type of drawer that you will find in most gyms. The exercise consists of jumping and climbing, and go back down, doing many repetitions. This activity is of great resistance and is very tiring.


How to Strengthen Your Quadriceps

It is another of the exercises that make you suffer, since this area is greatly forced. Consists in advance and retard the legs up to a considerable distance to be able to flex the knee to 90 °. You have to move your leg forward and bend your knee as we have mentioned. The body must be kept in a vertical line and the other leg will be stretched back. The good thing about the lunge is that you will also strengthen your abs.

The reverse strides

This exercise is very good to strengthen the glutes, but it is also very good for exercising the quadriceps area. It can be done with hand weights to make it much more intense. Standing with your legs shoulder-width apart, we stand straight and our abdominals position straight.

We put the arms together and flexed and we move our body forward a little, as we bend down and stretch one of the legs back. The other leg has to stay flexed and forward. We return to the starting position and perform the same exercise with the other side of the leg.

Pistol squats

It is a variant of the normal squats, much harder to work and demanding. It is advisable to have done a warm-up before doing this type of squat to avoid causing injuries. We do the same exercise as the squat again and adjust the position we will stretch one of the legs forward, leaving the other flexed. We will keep the body as straight as possible and to maintain balance we will incorporate arms forward to adjust posture. We go up and squat again doing the same step or combining the exercise with the other leg.

Strengthen the quadriceps without straining the knees

Squats on the wall are one of the effective exercises without having to strain your knees. Standing we place our backs against the wall and crouch while keeping legs bent at 90 °. It will appear that you are sitting in an invisible chair and in this position you have to hold up to 30 seconds.

How to Strengthen Your Quadriceps

There are yoga exercises They are also very effective in strengthening these muscles. There are countless positions, because this technique is mainly based on strengthening various parts of the body. One of the exercises is to stand up, spread your legs and rotate the foot about 90 °. Place your hips and foot in line with your hips. Now bend your left knee down while you raise your arms up and in parallel. You have to keep your back, neck and head straight, as well as your abs.

I hope all these exercises have been useful to strengthen the quadriceps. If you like to keep your body in shape you can read more about our exercises to exercise ABS, buttocks y the chest.

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