Why does my hair fall out

Why does my hair fall out

Hair loss It is not a main problem for men, but also for women. It can be presented as an alarm signal when we observe that excess hair falls out, creating patterns where even small bald spots are observed. But why does it happen?

We already know that hair loss is generated in cold seasons, both in winter and in autumn. Here the hair falls out more easily since its root is less irrigated by blood and nutrients. Summer and spring are warmer seasons and this weakening is less visible.

Reasons for hair loss

The changes of seasons are what generate that hair loss or loss. This fall is not usually considered, because behind where one hair falls, another usually comes out. Long hair is not as visible to this loss, unless it is very significant. With short hair this effect does occur and its visibility is more noticeable, since being short, its small gaps are immediately more noticeable.

Why does my hair fall out

People who use a lot hair straightening irons They may also notice a big fall, although this is usually because the hair breaks or breaks when it is combing. Next, we review some of the points that can also be analyzed for this consequence:

  • Lack of iron it is one of the causes. It is especially a problem for women when they have long periods or are more vulnerable by not eating foods rich in iron. It will start with great fatigue, weakness, pale skin, headaches and most of all the dreaded hair loss. To know if you have a deficiency, you have to have a blood test to take a supplement.
  • A thyroid problem it can also be the origin. When you are over 50 years old you are more likely to suffer a malfunction of this gland, you can suffer from a hormonal lack of control. Whether there is hyper or hypothyroidism, this drop can already be felt. With a blood test it will be possible to discover and if it is necessary to normalize it. It will be solved with some kind of medicine.
  • For some kind of alteration in the scalp and as a general rule it happens from psoriasis or dandruff. When the scalp suffers from any external product, such as a shampoo, or because it is not well cared for, it can lead to a seborrheic dermatitis. It will start out very itchy and with flaky scalps with the dreaded dandruff, hence men are more susceptible to that hair loss.

Why does my hair fall out

  • Stress and antidepressant use they can also be an aggravating factor. Stress can accelerate the fall, when we suffer from this type of tension, since we do not know what this ailment can lead to and how our body will channel it. Consumption of some antidepressants It can also cause this case, as well as the consumption of some medications like those for high blood pressure, ibuprofen, lithium, or methotrexate. If you suspect any of them, consult your doctor.
  • Some men suffer from hair loss by genetics. It is necessary to evaluate where are the areas where it falls, either in the crown or in the entrances, since it has all the indications that it is part of a natural fact. However, a dermatologist can always be consulted to assess whether there is any method to slow down the procedure.

We must have a special dedication to the care of our hair. When we notice that it is already beginning to fall drastically (more than 100 hairs a day) we must buy special shampoos, take care of the scalp, not washing the hair frequently and not punishing it too much with dryers or irons.

Treatments for hair loss

Why does my hair fall out

There is an infinity of products to prevent fallsBut if your hair falls out naturally, none of them can fix the cause. It will only slow down the process and you must use them continuously to have their effect. We review the most common treatments and the ones that work best:

  • There shampoos and lotions on the market that can work and I say 'can' because some dermatologists do not recommend it as they do not see the ability to influence the hair bulb.
  • Minoxidil It is another solution that helps between 30 and 60% of cases, but its effects do not begin to be seen after three months of treatment. It is a vasodilator that works against the problem and you have to apply two milliliters of product a day.
  • Finasteride It is a drug that can also be prescribed by the dermatologist. It is used in men and postmenopausal women. To see the effect of this treatment you have to take it between three and six months. Another medicine that can work is Lambdapil.
  • There is a kind of laser It is also used for the regeneration of the womb where the hair is lost and makes the new areas gain strength, its treatment lasts up to 10 months, applying it once a week.
  • Hair transplantation it is one of the safest and most effective methods. It consists of a surgery where hair is removed from some other area of ​​the body and implanted in areas where there is none, such as the forehead or crown.

Faced with this problem, it is best consult a specialist to diagnose a specific and effective treatment, given the type of person or their characteristics. If you want to know more about our advice you can read us at "How to prevent hair loss" o "What kind of vitamins do we need for hair?".

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