How to know if you are going bald

How to know if you are going bald

Today science has evolved in many aspects, such as baldness problems that have given men so much headaches. And that is why there are treatments to delay your fall and even to strengthen hair. In our section we can find out with some procedures and symptoms how to know if you are going to go bald.

Although still not 100% effective there may still be time to win a few years. Its formula is obtained by finding out what your DNA is to determine if you are more likely to go bald in the future. For other types of treatments, it is always advisable to lead a healthy life.

How do you know if you are going to go bald?

Without a doubt the best example is to look at our hereditary roots to evaluate if you can go bald for genetic reasons. The genes that determine hair loss are mostly inherited from the mother and father and hair growth is determined by many different genes. Therefore, your combination may become unique and not have to follow the same pattern as siblings.

With a DNA test

There are specialized doctors who collect DNA samples from saliva to determine how sensitive we can become to a hormone created by testosterone: dihydrotestosterone.

If the analytics shows have more sensitivity to this hormone you may be more prone to hair loss. There are men who reach 40 years of age with an impressive head of hair, it is because surely your sensitivity to DHT be minimal. This sample can also determine and predict how that person may react to certain types of medications prescribed for hair loss.

Early signs and symptoms

There are doctors who say that it is not only your sensitivity to DHT that determines if you are more prone to hair loss, but it will also determine it hormones that have been inherited. The first symptoms can appear from the age of 20.

How to know if you are going bald

One in five men experiences these signs at that age. As they get older, the percentage increases, at age 30 it is more significant and so progressively as the decades go by. Traces of hair will remain on the pillow when you wake up or there will be hair left in the bathroom over the showers.

Loss of hair density at the crown It is one of the most obvious signs, where the hair will gradually fall out until it forms a lightening of the area. Another very significant area is the part of the entrances, when they begin to be noticed that the forehead is widening more and more.

There are men who also experience punctual bald spots, in some areas of your scalp, where over time they gradually grow. It will start with the shape of a coin and it will depend on whether it is noticeable or not depending on the amount of hair that is around and motivates its contrast much more.

How to know if you are going bald

Are there men more protected against baldness?

We have already determined that the determining factor is genetics. How can we not find out with the naked eye many men enter the physiognomy of having a lot of hair. This data is important because the more hairs you have per square centimeter on your head, the more you will look like a good external capillary appearance for longer.

If your hair is very thick It will also be synonymous with keeping hair much stronger. At this point, the ability to cross the fibrous layers that generate baldness and therefore it will not weaken very easily due to its thinning.

However, these signs are very gradual and many men through these signs can take remedies that will help them find an effective treatment to be able to stop it. Personal care counts for a lot.

A man to take care of his possible hair loss must lead a much less stressful life. Playing sports accompanied by a good diet will be key to good health that will provide strength throughout the body.

How to know if you are going bald

Some doctors strongly discourage the use of certain medications, such as treatment hormones, antidepressants, or anxiety pills. Antihypertensive drugs or supplements containing creatine also cause DHT production to skyrocket.

Equally you have to avoid excesses, It is not good to smoke or drink alcohol, since they are the cause of deteriorate the strength and energy of the hair. When washing the hair, it is convenient to treat it well, without having to use any aggressive shampoo and without aggressively treating the scalp. You can read our tips "How often you have to wash your hair."

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