When the beard does not grow in men

When the beard does not grow in men

There are men who care about the appearance of their beard, and that is why they run into problems such as irregular beard growth, or perhaps due to the lack of hair in some areas such as cheeks or chin or worse still, that the beard is not there, hardly anything comes out. There are many reasons why the beard does not grow in men and that despairs for those who really want to have it.

Before you despair or head for a drastic solution, You must know at least what are the reasons that may be generating this problem. There are many factors that can be causing this absence: age, genetics, hormones, lifestyle ... everything can have a little or a large influence and that is why we must take a little time to discover it.

Why do beards grow in men?

When the man experiences his stage of adolescence, his body is transformed into a shower of hormones, which will be responsible for the appearance of sexual characteristics. Among this transformation appears an increase in muscle mass, stronger bones and the appearance of body hair. Testosterone is one of the hormones that stands out the most in this modification, it will help to activate the receptors of the body's follicles and that means more facial and body beauty.

But even in adolescence, it does not mean that the beard will appear overnight.. The first appearance is usually scarce, with fine hair and with the hair very separated, it can even reach the age of 20 and have almost nothing. There are even men who are not able to have a strong and compact beard until they reach their 30s. But even predicting all these details there are still more details that can generate this absence.

When the beard does not grow in men

Factors that prevent its growth

The genetic

Age is one of the factors that can incur in their growth but lgenetics may be one of the most remarkable. This is to explain that DNA plays its most important role, since from your own birth your prognosis will be marked for life. The number of hair follicles on the skin will determine whether the beard is more or less populated.

The hormones

They are that key factor for the total development of a bushy beard. Testosterone is the hormone responsible for characterizing the masculine features of man, but la dihydrotestosterone It is one of its variants, which controls hair growth much better. There are bodies that do not tolerate the information of these hormones well, so they do not have a very controlled and homogeneous growth in some men.

Is there a solution to grow a beard?

Given the desire to wear a beard or try to enhance its growth, there are men who opt for natural remedies or products that can meet their expectations.

Cleaning the face and beard. Washing your face every day helps removal of dead cells from the face, in addition to cleaning hair follicles. This will help the beard to grow much more and with greater strength. There are shampoos made for hair growth like the "Beard and Hair Growth Shampoo" with a combination of pure and natural oils that activate hair growth.

When the beard does not grow in men

Popular product application. Minoxidil is one of the products that help hair growth, its assets help hair growth as they activate the hair follicle.

Hair implantation is the most feasible solution, surgery and hair transplantation on the head has exceeded to other levels, testing its application even on the face to enhance hair in certain areas. Although we already know that this intervention is in the hands of people who can afford it financially.

More home and natural remedies

Exists in the market specific oils to eliminate itching and flaking and in this way it helps to better hydrate the skin next to the beard. You can see this tutorial with the best tips to care for the beard.

Brush the beard frequently, this act helps to activate the circulation of the hair follicles of the beard and promotes their growth. You have to be patient with the first itching during its initial growth, but brushing it will make it grow and settle more normally.

Take more control of your lifestyle

When the beard does not grow in men

First of all is eat correctly and eat a balanced diet. Foods rich in vitamins B, B9, C and Zinc are the best supplements to increase the level of testosterone.

Get enough rest as the increase in testosterone occurs during REM sleep. You must sleep an average of 8 hours a day to complete the entire life cycle of your body, if you sleep half the hours your hormonal indicators will be reduced by half.

Sports practice since exercise has also been shown to stimulates testosterone production. With movement, circulation is activated and with this you will show a much better appearance of your skin, since you nourish your hair follicles much more. With sport you also help reduce body fat, responsible for raising estrogen levels.

Avoid stress. A stressed body secretes cortisol, a hormone that reduces testosterone production. Try to increase your diet consumption of vitamin C, as it will help boost low cortisol levels. You can read how to raise self-esteem or the creative visualization to help control your emotions.

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