Creative visualization

Creative visualization

Visualization is the way or technique of looking inside yourself, to visualize yourself as the main objective. It may seem impossible or unusual, but it is a practice that it works for the good in many psychological ways.

Practice your imagination objectively, it can help you much better prepare for this life. And it is that our reality is related to our thoughts. We must fill our minds with positive ideas and images in order to get what we want.

What is Creative Visualization?

Consists in imagine yourself witnessing situations that you would like to experience, where you can devise and project a future to better live the present. It is about thinking and imagine those situations that may be complex for you, where the protagonist is you, and try to focus how to live and solve that situation in a positive way.

With this shape we reflect with this type of visualization and concentration, the desired moment. You must imagine stimulating moments and powerful enough to be able to recreate that situation in the best possible direction.

This form of visualization works very well for shy people, with a certain resignation to maintain relationships with others, or even to feel a phobia for speaking in public. You can visualize yourself, projecting scenes in which you see yourself speaking, even being the protagonist and solving that situation successfully, yes you must perceive that moment calmly and safely.

Creative visualization

How to practice visualization?

Visualization is not about recreating a situation anywhere, or at any time. You must apply this practice In a quiet place, be comfortable and above all relax. It comes a little closer to meditation, because of the power of concentration. You must close your eyes and relax through a series of breaths and try to visualize that moment.

You avoid any thoughts that get mixed up in the idea you want to recreate. When you reach your goal, visualize that detail, and even imagine the objects and elements that may be part of that environment. At that time you must weigh the scene and imagine recreating that scene.

Imagine that moment in depth: how you will be dressed, the temperature, the smells, the people and try to discover what emotions that moment awakens in you. You must delight that scene with pride, happiness and satisfaction.

This is the main objective, where that scene can be fateful or compromising, you yourself are already training and devising it so that it can be solved in a satisfactory way. If you practice this exercise, at least twice a day, you will see how you can master those moments that are too big for you, it is almost certain that your reality begins to change.

Creative visualization

Is visualization the same as imagination?

Not the same. Visualization if done right, focuses on all kinds of details, it is more real and more fruitful. Imagination is imagining a scene as if you are viewing a movie without more details. But it is true that both terms are combined, imagination is part of this technique, but it must be used in a practical and persuasive way.

On practice, you have to use visualization imagining small details and letting in small simple stimuli. In this way you are gradually training to focus on that great detail. The most recurring and visualized events they are usually conflictive moments in our daily lives, how to take a driving test, go to a job interview, a first date, or for professional athletes, where they will go to professionals to make them solve competitive situations and where they have to believe that they are going to win.

Creative visualization

How does visualization affect our brain?

Fill our conscious with positive ideas and images, it will be a way of training our mind for a correct visualization, without hurting us. This type of repetitions if they are restrained they will lead us to find the right path.

The type of thoughts is measured with the beliefs of each person. If you don't change your way of thinking, surely everything that happens in your daily life, is repeated. In this way, if your mind is lazy it will probably take away your motivation to stay firm.

Therefore, the visualization has to be done for the good of a person, but in a respectful way. People interact discreetly, but with consequences that can generate benefits for themselves.  You have to know how to differentiate the selfish way of acting in front of others, if we visualize things as our personality is, you are probably not visualizing a real situation.

It is because of that Humility must exist within that person and not be confused with altruism. We must try to fill our mental space with facts, affirmations and positive ideas and above all be consistent with what we want to obtain. This practice over time will help us to implement the scenes we want to represent and thus have them devised and formalized throughout the day.

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