Lump in the testicle

Lump in the testicle

The onset of a lump in the testicle It is usually a condition that can lead to some type of major problem that should be analyzed. Some men notice their appearance casually or because your partner has discovered it.

A lump in a testicle does not mean cancer, although it should be done a deep study with the visit of a specialist, since its appearance does not mean having pain, or bleeding, or anything similar. An increase in volume in this area may be the appearance of a mass without more, but it must be analyzed in detail.

How should the testicles be explored?

If you just want do a scan, it is never too late to anticipate a possible detection. This touch will remind us of the exploration that women do on their breasts, where it will be necessary to touch with the hands to detect the presence of some type of small change, nodules or inappropriate sizes.

On some occasions this type of review is reached because some type of Pain in the lower abdomen, in the groin, testicle or scrotum. The alarm sign will be when it is observed a small lump in the testicles and that underwear is much tighter and smaller.

Lump in the testicle

Many men, even if they don't notice anything, just want to be a routine check to observe that all is well. Each testicle will have to be palpated separately, with one hand the testicle will be held and with the other hand it will be necessary to do the scan. It is important to note that it is necessary to give an alarm sign when there is an increase in volume in the testicle, or a feeling of heaviness that does not hurt, in this way it would have to be attended by a specialist.

The best time for an examination is when you are under a shower or bath, in this way the scrotal skin will be much more relaxed. As we have already reviewed, it will be necessary to move one of the testicles to one side and examine on the other if there is some type of presence such as a lump or swelling. You have to check even if you have the same size between one testicle and another, and if they also have the same height or suspension.

The thumb should be rotated and the testicle gently moved to detect any imperfections or in case a nodule appears. Must palpate the epididymis, one of the areas where sperm are cultured. It is located at the top and back of each testicle and is shaped like a duct. It is necessary to look for that no type of anomaly is found.

Another area to palpate would be the "different conductor", another type of thin and elongated tube that comes out of the epididymis and that will have a smooth texture. Observe that there is no type of lump or nodule. When one of the sides has been explored, it will be necessary to repeat in the other area.

Lump in the testicle

How do you know if the lump may be cancer?

In most cases, a lump in a testicle is not cancer. It can appear for a big hit, where fluid has accumulated around it or simply from a cyst. A specialist doctor will do a great checkup and exploration.

Within having to suffer from cancer can be determined if risk factors are present or you have some type of family history, in this way a follow-up will be much more valued. If it becomes a cancer, it could be known to also have these types of symptoms:

  • The appearance of an unusual lump, with an appearance or texture that does not occur.
  • Dolores or many annoyances in the back, especially in the lower abdomen and some pain in the scrotum.
  • Tenderness or pain in the breasts. Sometimes lumps appear.

Lump in the testicle

The doctor should make a assessment of all these symptoms and start adding more tests for a more decisive diagnosis. Ultrasound It would be one of the tests, where you can assess whether there is testicular cancer. Tests will also be done as a CT scan (CT) or magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) to find out if it has and if it has spread. A blood test will also determine some more information.

In most medical consultations, many children or young people already come with this problem. Many of these cases appear with a lump so large that it appears that they have another testicle, but it should not be taken as something alarming.

Before any doubt or inappropriate symptom you have to go to the doctor for a great appraisal and early. You have to give it much more importance to young boys when they find these lumps, as in most cases it is not a good symptom.

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