What exercises are prohibited for sciatica?

What exercises are prohibited for sciatica?

Sciatica becomes a low to moderate pain where crosses the hip and reaches the foot. It is a disease that occurs in many people, so rest becomes essential for its replacement to be solved. The problem arises when there are people who follow a sports routine and decide to investigate what exercises are prohibited for sciatica.

Pharmacological treatment is usually prescribed to combat the pain. If you get to suffer from acute sciatica absolute rest is recommended where the exercise will start gently, until leading a normal life.

What is sciatica?

Sciatica occurs when one of the spinal discs or other tissues is putting pressure on the sciatic nerve. Under this tension the nerve cannot function properly and that is when it responds with medium to severe pain It starts at the hip and goes all the way down to the foot. This pain is treated with inflammatory, Although many times it has no effect.

Possible causes of this condition range from a herniated disc, spinal stenosis, tight piriformis muscle, or when there is a misaligned sacroiliac joint. In other cases, its appearance and pain may only be temporary, since it could have been due to some kind of pull or bad posture.

It is essential to follow a routine and tips to take care of your back. Among them, avoid heavy lifting and avoid twisting your back during the first 4 to 6 weeks after acute sciatica pain. Once the pain is gone, you can begin to lead a normal life, even sports exercise can start to light to moderate exercise. The important thing is not to remain static, since activity and movement are essential as long as they can be allowed.

What exercises are prohibited for sciatica?

Prohibited exercises for sciatica

When you suffer from this intense back pain that radiates down the leg is a sign that something is wrong. Ideally, its effect is referred to a traumatologist so that a plate can be made on the back, shoulders and hip. If you feel this strong pain, there are a series of exercises that are not recommended.

The classic sit-ups

Performing this exercise is synonymous with forcing an injured back, where you have to flex and apply pressure to the area. It is practically the worst exercise that can be done since the pressure can lead to worse pain.

Bib numbers

This exercise is also done by forcing pressure on the back. Must Lie on your stomach with your legs and arms stretched out in front of your head. Then, the back will be arched, raising the extremities to perform the exercise. Without a doubt, a movement is created where the back must be forced, so It is not recommended for sciatica.

Stretch the hamstrings

These muscles are located in the calf, specifically in the tibia. There are exercises where you need to stretch these muscles, so it requires force your back into the background. Specifically, everything that requires force in the pelvis, or twisting and bending the back are totally prohibited exercises when suffering from sciatica.

What exercises are prohibited for sciatica?

Leg raises when lying down

This type of exercise is indicated when you want strengthen the abdominal muscles and lower back. Its movement consists of lying on your back and lifting both legs to perform this exercise. In this situation the back is also involved, so certainly touches the part of the sciatic nerve.

touch the tips of the feet with the hands

This other exercise can be performed both standing and in a sitting position. Is about try to bend your back with your legs fully stretched, with the proposal to touch the tips of the feet with the hands. In this way you are flexing and stretching your back, and therefore forcing.

heavy squats

This type of exercise is associated with muscle building where is the lifting of dumbbells with a frame bar and dumbbells at his sides. Must carry the weight on the shoulders and perform a squat position to a standing position. The movement that is performed is undoubtedly a way of exerting great tension in the lower back.

What exercises are prohibited for sciatica?

best exercises that can be done are those that require low-impact aerobic activity. The aerobic form activates blood circulation and thus helps to relax the affected muscles. As you are doing this type of movement, you will notice how your muscles warm up.

Do not forget that stretching is the best ally, they are essential both in the warm-up and in the completion of some type of exercise. It is important that when doing them we do not lean our back forward or rotate our back.

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