How to wear high socks if you are a man

How to wear high socks if you are a man

If you like long socks Whether they are sporty or not, we will tell you how to wear this style of socks if you are a man. Fashion fluctuates at the rate of trying to everything is elegant, stylish and that replaces freedom and comfort. Wearing long socks that are visible to the naked eye is something casual and for daring men.

Generally they dress in sporty appearance, although there are unusual endorsements with bold prints and bold colors. In order to wear them with appreciation and in the latest fashion, you must follow some of the guidelines that we share below.

Why wear long socks?

The fashion of the 80's he wore long, sporty socks as the emblem of that endearing era. They have that vintage air that categorizes it with shorts and sports pants, with leggings and with tight cuts. Nowadays Gucci, Adidas, Saint Laurent or Louis Vuitton They return with this trend and better renewed on their catwalks.

We make an assessment with details of your clothing. The fashion of now follows the pattern of those shorts, without reaching the knee and without width. The Socks they have to be dressed in white or cream, with stripes or with some geometric color on its upper part. How is its texture represented? They are almost always made of cotton, with the stamp of the typical stripes that represent the insignia of the Adidas brand.

How to wear high socks if you are a man

How to wear high socks?

This type of clothing is liked, because we are in trend. Perhaps when this fashion is no more, we will discover that it does not stay in step. However, to wear long and stylish socks, you must follow a series of guidelines that we will share below.

When this type of socks is used, those with some kind of logo or brand. Most people prefer to show that drawing, but you have to make it compatible with the height of the sock. It must have a moderate measure, not too long to lose its design. When used with shorts, the height must be equal to that of the pants. Nor should they be too short when combined with long pants, since the leg must not be seen when sitting down.

How to wear high socks if you are a man

  • This kind of socks are for Use them with casual or sportswear. Do not use them with elegant or formal clothing, or for serious job interviews, unless it is for some type of sporting event.
  • Combine them with sports shoes, since it is the best option. There are shoe models that are already designed and manufactured in tune for this type of combination. We find it in brands like Converse, New Balance, Adidas, Vans or Nike.
  • Do not wear socks worn by time. If they have taken another tone, the quality wear is noticeable or they have more than one hole, it is time to renew the drawer and use a current design. Generally, well-known brands already offer exclusive models with unbeatable quality, so that they can be worn with total guarantee and elegance.
  • When it comes to combining white socks, combine them with white sneakersIt will always be the best option. But do not focus on the same objective either, since, depending on the rest of the pieces of clothing, one color or another may be used. For example, if you wear something red, you can repeat it on the socks, with a logo in the same color.
  • If you are going to use a brand of shoes, also combine them with the same brand of socks, since the logos are displayed on both sides of the socks.

How to wear high socks if you are a man

  • When combined with jeans, those with blue tones are generally used. To get the combination right, introduce new colors, but that are not excessively flashy. White or black socks are the best choice, although they are not a bad combination to use those with some kind of print. If you use those with drawings or some element, create an original combination that is in tune with the rest of the clothes.
Invisible socks They are designed to be worn, protect the foot and not be seen under any circumstances. That is why they adopt the name “no-shows”. They can be worn for all types of low shoes such as boat shoes, Castilian shoes, moccasins or in urban-style sneakers. They are ideal to wear in summer and avoid annoying chafing.
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High socks in summer?

The idea improves over the years and its use is increasingly observed even in the heat. Now manufacturers go much further and they incorporate much more breathable and lightweight fabrics in the composition. However, wearing high socks is for tastes, since there is always the option of wearing them medium cut or ankle.

Socks with flip flops or sandals

How to wear high socks if you are a man

We have always found it striking to observe Anglo-Saxon tourists or inhabitants of northern Europe, how they wear long socks with flip-flops. Definitely, this idea is no longer so triggered and is already part of the streetwear style.

The most common thing is to wear flip flops with high socks, to go for a walk at a brisk pace. In summer it is more common to find this combination, as it is much more comfortable and cool than with sports shoes. Although socks and sandals are two opposite elements, it is actually an option that triumphs when they are dressed together.

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