How to fight cellulite

How to fight cellulite

The happy cellulite is an annoying formation of fat that it affects both men and women. Mainly it is a condition that is more associated with women since are more likely to suffer from it, but there are many men who suffer equally. Given this fact, they wonder what it is and how to combat cellulite.

This cellulite is a buildup of fat nodules that are generally concentrated or accumulated in areas such as legs, buttocks or abdomen. It is a phenomenon that you do not like since these areas become too vulnerable to gain weight and you do not like it. Near 10% of men suffer from it And that women suffer from it has a lot to do with the high number of estrogens in their body.

What is cellulite?

They are clumps of fat that form under the skin forming ridges or dimples that is the so-called "orange peel". The fatty nodules that form become inflamed and visibly produce a small unsightly volume that can affect self-esteem. About 85% of women suffer from it.

Why do men suffer from cellulite

Men get cellulite differently from women. It is not known why this is due, but some factors can trigger such an event, including its lifestyle habits, diet, genetics or a hormonal presence.


It is the key for this factor to appear. A diet rich in saturated fat or with a high volume of refined sugars will cause its spread to skyrocket. Other habits that you can affect is the consumption of alcohol, given its high number of calories and smoking tobacco.

How to fight cellulite

Sedentary lifestyle and stress

It is the main way for cellulite to form and stay longer in the body. If the body is not exercised there is no expenditure of calories, and the calories not consumed are transformed into fat. In addition, sedentary lifestyle develops many more problems in the body and innumerable pathologies.

Another factor that influences a lot is stress, since the body is hormonally out of control and even your blood circulation is impaired, so fluid retention is present and as a consequence the appearance of fat.

Hormonal problems and genetics

Although it is women who mainly have this problem, men can also have an imbalance linked to estrogens. As for genetics, the genetic factor is one of the great triggers, the same happens with alopecia. The type of cellulite or where it appears will also be one of the causes.

How to fight cellulite

How to fight and eliminate cellulite?

There are three types of cellulite that can appear and therefore three guys to fight. It is true that men's skin is much thicker than women's, and therefore its visibility is more concealed.

Ideally lead an active life, where I know play sports and strengthen your muscles. A diet low in fat, sugar and alcohol also helps to combat and even begin to eliminate cellulite that is already present. If you do not have willpower, the best purpose is to put yourself in the hands of a specialist and nutritionist. It will help you to choose the best foods and it will take you a personal follow-up with an exercise routine and a personal diet depending on your lifestyle.

There are treatments that can speed up the process and that do not require surgery. One of them and used by women is radio frequency, where heat is used for collagen stimulation. This heat will help to disintegrate cellulite after several sessions and will help to firm the skin. To be able to notice improvement, at least 10 sessions are needed.

How to fight cellulite

Mesotherapy it is being used as another method and it is giving very good results. Is about micro injections of various substances, among them medicinal, which will help to disintegrate the fatty nodules.

The men have a high tendency to lose weight in a better way and way than women. An exercise routine three to four times a week will be necessary to notice the changes. It can start strengthening the legs going for a walk in order to activate the blood flow. If what you need is to remove abdominal fat, it is recommended go swimming. It is a very complete sport that will help you tone various areas of the body, with cardio being the main exercise to activate all the circulation of the body.

Cellulite in men it is something unsightly, but it is not a problem when its presence is not exorbitant. Only and as a principle it will always be a circulation problem, which if not treated can have repercussions on other related problems.

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