Shaved hair for men


Shaved hair for men

Shaved hair for men are very personal hairstyles that they like and are ideal for the suffocating temperatures of summer. His style has been influenced by the most charismatic of cinema, athletes or singers and continues to set a trend no matter how the years go by.

This haircut has always been valued for those who want to mark their personality, because before passing the machine through the head, you have to assess whether your head falls within the patterns and physiognomy so that it can accept that shaving.

Therefore, you have to do an examination of conscience to know if it is your style. Many men have come to the determination of this cut by psychological changes in their life, by feeling comfortable and practical with the hairstyle or by closing some type of stage.

Shaved hair for men

If you have crossed your mind to make this type of cut, you should know that there is not only the simple shaving. Shaved ones can be made in different styles and here we can show you the different options you can use:

Total shaving

Shaved hair for men

Full shaving is the classic and the easiest to do. It can be done with the help of your stylist or do it yourself with the help of a special razor to shave the hair. This cut is very flattering for men with baldness problems, for radical changes in look or for the arrival of summer.

Shaved hair with gradient

Shaved with gradient

This shaved is ideal for those who dare with this hairstyle, leaving some hair on top, in this way the "egg head" effect is eliminated. To do this hairstyle you have to be very precise with the razor to maintain the precise unevenness between the top and the sides of the head. This shaved hairstyle is very elegant and matches many personalities.

Shaved with incisions, stripes or drawings

Shaved with incisions, stripes or drawings

This hairstyle is youthful, attractive and with that touch of freshness.. You have to wear your hair shaved with the cut that we have noted, which is with the shaved gradient. On each side of your degradation is when incisions or stripes are made, to mark that separation between both parties. Drawings can be done on the sides of the head or above the nape, at the back.

Shaved with beard

Shaved with beard

The combination of shaved hair and a grown beard It is a look that is imposed for all styles and personalities. You can combine your hair with a three-day beard or with a fairly long beard, it is perfect with a very thick beard. His mix gives that rough and serious look and for it to be perfect it is advisable to have your sideburns degraded by a professional with a good hand.

Shaved Undercut

Shaved Undercut

This haircut is very close, almost shaved and ideal for all hair types. The way to wear it is leaving the sides of the head very shaved and the upper part leaving it slightly long, with that meaningful Undercut style. Your marks between both levels can be degraded or cut drastically, without degradation.

Shaved hair to level 3 or 5

Shaved at 3rd or 5th

This shaved style is for those who want to wear their hair quite short, but without reaching the total shave. It is ideal to start with all those men who begin to lose their hair and it can be left at both levels, between 3 and 5, leaving the upper part a little longer if you prefer.

How to get a shaved hair at home?

It is the easiest way to achieve a no preference and hassle free hairstyle. You have to have a good shaving machine, that can with the thickness of your hair and that it does it fast and without pulling.

You can get to shave your hair in just 10 minutes and can be done indigenously, without the need for help. You can choose your level depending on your tastes, either at level 1, 2, 3 and even 5, with which you would achieve a much more natural and round finish.

You start using the razor on the sides and cutting the hair from the bottom up, making smooth movements at the pace that the razor asks you to do. Then you can continue to the back until you reach the crown.

The upper part is also easy to do, you have to start at the forehead and comb the cut back. To top it off, you make a second pass over the entire head until you stop hearing that the razor is cutting your hair.

If what you want is do a shave at two heights, With full shaving on the sides and longer hair on the top, first you have to shave your hair completely to the level that you are going to leave the top part.

After the sides you should lower them one or two levels less than the number you used at the top. You must clearly visualize the brand where you are going to let the two parts degrade, making the right part coincide with the left.

To degrade this area you have to do it with care and patience, using the razor in short strokes and little by little. Help yourself with some mirrors so that you have a perfect cut. If you want to know the best way to shave your head you can read one of our post, where we explain it to you in more detail.

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