How to trim a beard

Trimmed beard

Knowing how to trim your beard is essential for flawless facial hair. And is that frequent flushing helps the beard regain vigor and maintain its shape.

Know the best way to trim your beard step by stepas well as the tools and preparations that are needed for an optimal result.

Get a good beard trimmer

Philips Beard Trimmer HC9490 / 15

If you don't have one yet, the first step is get a good beard trimmer (also called barbers or trimmers). Have this tool in your hygiene arsenal it is practically essential to keep the beard in good condition.

But which one to buy? That depends on your budget. Fortunately, the market offers good beard trimmers for all budgets. If your budget is tight, you will be interested to know what there is cheap beard trimmers that have received excellent ratings.

It should be noted that when it comes to keeping your beard neatly trimmed, a trimmer can do most of the work. But It is also convenient to get hold of a beard scissors, as well as a suitable comb for your facial hair. When it comes to getting great results, it's easier if you have multiple tools on hand and combine them wisely.

Wash your beard

Beard shampoo

Washing and conditioning the beard is a preparation that many men forget or decide to skip due to lack of time. Since it is an optional step, nothing happens if you don't. However, it is still advisable to do so.

As with hair, you should wash your beard before trimming, especially if you have a thick beard. Using a beard shampoo will leave your beard cleaner and smoother. After rinsing off the shampoo, you can use a beard conditioner. These products prevent pulling when combing and add shine to the beard.

It is not difficult to conclude that one of its beneficial effects is a smoother glide across the face of the beard trimmer. If you want the trim to be more fluid while preventing skin irritation, it is an action worth considering.

Trim your beard

Long beard

Now that you have your beard ready, you can start your beard trimmer. Make sure it is clean and well charged. If you have little time, you are not in the right place or you cannot dedicate all five senses to it, it is better to save it for another occasion. Trimming the beard is quite a precision job, which is why barbers should be used in front of the mirror and calmly.


Comb the right side of your beard with the comb and pass the trimmer to the chosen number. Try to keep the trimmer flat on your face. If you are not very familiar with your trimmer, it is preferable to start with the longest comb (or one of them) and work your way down until you find the ideal size. Repeat the operation on the other cheek.

Chin and mustache

The chin and mustache are a matter of shape and personal preference. If you prefer the chin and mustache longer than the sides, you can do nothing and leave them as is. You just have to brush them away or your fingers when you run the trimmer near these areas to be able to work around quietly. You can also switch the trimmer to the same number, or higher if you think they need to download a bit. The third option is to use the scissors only on the stubborn hairs.

Johua Jackson with short hair back

Gradient effect

The next step is the gradient effect. Getting the sideburns to blend into the hair is important to prevent the cheeks from looking too puffy., as well as to obtain a more defined and sharp shape. Adjust your trimmer to a shorter measurement (the same or similar to your hair) and pass it through the sideburns. The idea is that the sideburns are shorter than the jaw, and that these are shorter than the chin.

Delineate your beard

Delimiting the beard is especially important in the neck area, just above the walnut. The cheek line, on the other hand, depends on your personal preferences. You can leave it as it is if you like it natural or define it with the help of a razor or the same beard trimmer. If you need to lower the line, make sure that the drawing remains as natural as possible.

Trimmer or scissors?

Barber scissors

The question often arises as to which tool is better for trimming a beard: trimmer or scissors. And it is one of the most interesting questions about how to trim the beard. The reason is that they offer different results, especially when it comes to long beards. Trimmers will make your beard shorter, so it is the option you should consider if you want to reduce the length of your beard.

Instead, the use of scissors is recommended when what you want to achieve (or maintain) is a longer beard. So the answer would be short beard trimmers and long beard scissors.

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