How to cut hair at home

How to cut hair at home

Perhaps you are one of those people who have been encouraged to undertake new skills at home. Among them are all those needs that we have not been able to do due to the confinements and cutting hair at home has been one of the challenges that many men have wanted to undertake with their own hands.

The haircut in men is much more complex than that of women, assuming that the cut has to be short and gradient style. And nothing better than professional hands to leave hair flawless, although with our own hands as well. we can have this little fix.

How can we cut hair at home?

Now there are countless tutorials on the internet and we have many ways on hand about how can we cut our hair even with different shapes and styles. No doubt everything It will depend on the manual dexterity of each one, but we can assure you that by trying you do not lose anything, in the end everything has a solution.

Prepare your hair before cutting: Make sure of all the materials that you are going to use to begin with that cut: scissors, towel, products to clean the hair, comb and razor to cut the hair.

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First stepBefore preparing your hair for that cut it has to be clean and damp. One has to wash your hair with a shampoo and conditioner, that it is well rinsed and dry it gently with a towel. Hair has to be wet and very combed to be able to work it much better.

Second step: if you have too long hair you have to untangle it completely, There does not have to be any knot to prevent tripping the comb when we are cutting it. If your hair dries, you wet it again and remove the excess moisture with the towel.

Third step: we comb the hair again and stand in front of a mirror, with access to a sink. It is essential to have another mirror where you can see the back and sides of the head.

Fourth step: you have to divide the hair into several parts. The ideal is try combing the hair to the side, marking it with a transversal line, since we will begin to cut the back and the sides.

Fifth step: There are tutorials that start by cutting the hair at the top, but you can also try on the sides as we are going to indicate here. You have to put the low level of the machine and start cutting from the bottom up. You must gently tilt the razor to create a blur in correlation with the top. Repeat the cut over and over in that section to make sure it is well defined.

How to cut hair at home

Step Six: we cut the back or back of the head. You have to do it the same way, starting from bottom to top. If you have a mirror it can make this step much easier, but you could ask for help so that someone can help you out.

How to cut hair at home

Seventh step: we cut off the top of the head. It depends on the length of your hair, you can choose use makeup or scissors. If you have fairly long hair you must use scissors. You have to pick up strands of hair with your hands and stretch them between your fingers, You should take sections of hair that are parallel to the front of the hairline. You have to go cutting the desired length and as it is cut, supervise if much more needs to be cut.

How to cut hair at home

Eighth step: the top can also be cut with the razor. We will use it to cut much shorter hair with a much shaved effect and where it will be much better than with the use of scissors. If what you want is a faded effect on top with the rest of the head, you will have to use a higher level than what you had used on the sides.

Nineth step: must level the part of the sides with the top of the head. To equalize or fade it, we will use the razor again and slowly work that area. You have to use a medium level and fading little by little the line that separates both areas.

Step XNUMX: In this step, it only remains to check the sides and check that everything is well matched so as not to finish it off again. The sides of the head should be be uniform and of the same length.

How to cut hair at home

Eleventh step: We'll fix the sideburns. This part can be done either with a straight razor or with the razor itself. You can leave short sideburns or long sideburns, that will depend on your taste. And to top it off you have to trim the upper part of the nape with the razor, how far the haircut begins. Cut progressively and much shorter as you get closer to the nape of the neck.

Do not forget that it takes technique and skill. It may not be very well finished the first time, but you know that with time and a lot more tests you can create the perfect haircut. In order to continue with the beauty tips you can read our tutorial on "how to degrade the beard" or "how to outline it”. Or if what you want is to know the modern haircuts that are most worn, enter this link.

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