How to remove dark circles in men

How to remove dark circles in men

We know that the world of cosmetics has been revolutionized in recent years and men have participated in its consumption. It is not that the world of cosmetics has to reinvent its products but that they need people who demand them. It is the fact that more and more men want to feel better, and that in many of their cares they want products to remove dark circles in men.

Generally dark circles in men appear in an unsightly way as in women. Finding out why they come out is the main objective to prevent them from coming out again, but if it is something genetic that cannot be remedied, we can always dip into the creams offered by the market or with little tips and tricks that we indicate below.

Why do dark circles appear in men?

As in women, this type of reaction can be consequential for several factors. A man can be under a lot of stress due to work, studies or social life. Perhaps it is something momentary or perhaps there is excess salt in your diet or your body is not allowing any excess such as alcohol or tobacco.

An unbalanced diet, circulation problems with fluid retention or the taking medications are other causes.

How to remove dark circles in men

Sleep a little It can be another factor that can cause the formation of dark circles, since it is a symbol of fatigue and lack of sleep, but for other reasons, even after having slept well, you wake up with a great swelling under the eyes.

Genetics is also another consequence of its appearance, like old age. Over the years, the skin under the eyes becomes thinner and we lose fat and collagen.

Although we want to detail this type of phenomenon much more, we can point out that lack of cortisol in the body (happiness hormone) does not cause the blood vessels under the eyes to dilate properly, expressing that well-being.

The thin layer that covers the eye area is much thinner and more delicate, therefore it is more transparent and lets you clearly see that something is wrong.

Home remedies to remove dark circles in men

You can start using natural remedies to stop its appearance:

Prepare a tea or chamomile.

You can take advantage of the sachets of these delicious infusions to place them cold above your eyes, about 15 minutes.

These infusions have the properties of being anti-inflammatory like chamomile. Tea, thanks to its caffeine, helps to tone the skin, increase circulation and revitalize it.


Cottons soaked with cold milk

Place the cottons over your eyes for 25 minutes every day. His properties reduce fluid retention and diminish the dark color of the area.

Ice cubes

Wrap the ice cubes with a thin cloth and wipe it around the eye for 20 to 25 minutes. Its cold will decrease the fluid retention and deflates the veins, thus frees you from the happy bags.

Using sweet almond oil is another good remedy. Contains vitamin E and has a great anti-inflammatory power. Apply a few drops on the affected part before going to bed every day, with small touches and without rubbing, you will notice its results the next morning.

Another effective treatment is the application of a cold spoon over the eyes. Place it on the contour of the eyes and let its cold act for several seconds.

Wearing makeup

In this little tutorial We give you the guidelines to know how to use makeup correctly. However, if you want a quick tip, we can advise you:

For fair skin- Use a light-toned concealer, either beige or pale pink.

For dark skin: use a cream with a tone slightly lighter than your skin with a slight orange or yellow color.

Use the concealer by giving small touches on the dark circles and spread it gently on the skin. Finish extending it until you notice that it is perfect.

Anti-dark circles products

If you like to be a participant in the products on the market, you can choose many of them and exclusive for men, its correct use will make the great results noticeable.

You have to be consistent that these products act effectively but they are not entirely miraculousIt will always be very useful to take care of the health of your body so that these creams help you and put it into practice every day.

We have brands like BaeBody, a gel rich in hyaluronic acid and vitamin E extracts that helps eliminate crow's feet, dark circles and fine lines.

Another gel is Biotherm Homme Total Recharge, this cream reduces dark circles and helps fight the first signs of aging.

Clarins men It is another excellent gel for dark circles and to combat the eye contour, with good results instantly.

Another powerful cream is Grown Alchemist, with a masterful formula that helps you hydrate the skin and fight bags and crow's feet.

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