Mustache styles

Mustache styles

Mustaches have always been worn for generations and They have been considered a symbol of virility. In other people with power they have increased their authority throughout history. Young people also bet on this type of fashion, growing a thick mustache and something more discreet than those that take on shape and thickness.

If you like the idea of ​​growing a mustache, you probably do not know why to choose, because there are many styles of mustache. You have to try choose one that molds to the physiognomy of your faceAlthough you will probably grow your mustache naturally.

Mustache styles

Keep in mind that if you choose a mustache It has to go according to your style and personality. If you choose a size and thickness, you have to take into account that your hair follicles have enough strength and abundance to fill in the result you want to have.

Curly mustache

This style is for daring men, who like to give a peculiar look no matter that all eyes point to the mustache. They are stylish and harmonious, ideal for long faces and create a neat look that It stands out for having a curvature at the tips.

curly mustaches

The Imperial Mustache is one of them, where the hair is thick and the ends are curled or curled, some of them reaching the cheeks. The English mustache, also called 'handlebar', is another of the curly mustaches that curl up above the corner of the lips. It is much more elegant and smooth than the previous one.

Horseshoe mustache

horseshoe whiskers

This large mustache also called 'Horseshoe' has a very peculiar shape. Its design is an upside down U And it sure reminds you of his image of men from the 70s, including bikers and tough guys. In order to give it its shape, it is necessary to make a connection between the beard and the mustache and cut it until it gives that horseshoe shape. It is ideal for square and rectangular faces.

Pencil or fine whiskers

Mustache styles

This mustache is scarce, light and very retouched, since it takes a lot of outlining so that it ends up giving the shape of a fine line that outlines the upper lip. This mustache also called 'lampshade' is ideal for round or oval faces, but in general for all types of faces.

Chevron Mustache

Mustache styles

His style is Italian and it is the most used by many men, on many occasions letting a little beard grow. The composition of its hair is strong, dense and wide, covering the entire upper part of the lip to the nose. The ends are fine, retouched, and descend down at the corner of the lips. They are ideal for oval and elongated faces.

Walrus Mustache


The first is a Walrus mustache and the second a Chevron mustache

This mustache has also marked fashion and is characterized by its appearance in the form of a "walrus". It completely covers the upper lip to the nose, it is quite full and descends on both sides of the mouth and meeting the beard. It is recommended for round or oval faces.

With pyramidal shape

With pyramidal shape

Another narrow mustache somewhat bushy and trimmed to give that triangular shape. His style is modern and vintage, giving that youthful and not serious touch. Brad Pitt is one of the famous trendsetters, he looks elegant and discreet because of his blonde tone.

Famous mustaches that set trends

The Fu Manchu mustache he is very peculiar and has given him his characteristic fame as a fictional character. Its shape is like that of the 'horseshoe' mustache, although finer. It does not have to be outlined on both sides of the mouth, but must be allowed to grow down many centimeters with a super smooth finish.

Another famous mustache is called 'Toothbrush ', the brush or Chaplin. Its shape is narrow, short and dense, so it must be left very crowded and then narrowed on the sides. It will remind you of the actor Chaplin or the German leader Adolf Hitler.

Mustache styles

The Dalí mustache It is the invention of the famous Salvador Dalí, so original, revolutionary and worked like its inventor. Its shape is characterized by being a fine mustache with the tips up, without a doubt it marks a lot of personality.

Cantinflas He also set a style with his rather peculiar mustache. It is not the typical mustache shaping above the lip, but it is completely shaved and leaving some ends at the corners of the lips.

Let's not forget that to enhance quality a mustache has to take a series of care. You must have a good profiling machine to cut out the specific parts and shape. And if you like to wear a mustache with round ends or ends with shapes, there are special fixers on the market to give that fixation. To take care of it and maintain it, you can use the same beard products. For this you can read one of our post about 'the best tips to care for the beard'.

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