Vitamins for hair

Vitamins for hair

Surely thousands of times you have heard of the vitamins for hair. And it is that there are many people who begin to lose hair at an early age and become weaker and weaker. Many others suffer from greasy hair and dandruff, so we know something has to be done about it. Can the consumption of certain vitamins really help us improve the health of our hair and prevent hair loss?

We will solve this and many other questions that you are sure to ask yourself in this article, so don't miss out.

Food and nutrients

Hair loss due to lack of vitamins

A thousand times you have heard that "we are what we eat." Nothing is further from reality. In the end, all the substances and nutrients that we have in our body are ingested by food. Carbohydrates, proteins, fats, vitamins and minerals are incorporated as nutrients from the food we eat.

Vitamins have various functions in our metabolism and in the evolution of our tissue. There are a variety of different vitamins, and all of them have a special function. By eating a good variety of all the nutrients necessary for our body, we will have a good physical condition. We will not only have a good physical condition, but also our skin and hair will look much better. These are indicators of good health and nutrition.

Vitamins, minerals and other amino acids They are capable of altering the state and appearance of your hair in front of others. If our diet is not very good, we will look worse.

And it is that a deficiency in the vitamins that we consume can cause alopecia or hair loss And it's what is causing you to find more hairs on your pillow every morning. If alopecia is caused by this lack of vitamins, it can be recovered in a short time, adjusting the diet and taking, if necessary, a vitamin supplement. You can buy No products found. a good complement of vitamins to strengthen your hair and look better.

The bad news comes when your hair loss is caused by genetics, hormonal issues or some fungal infestation. In these cases, you can improve something with a good intake of vitamins, but it will not be able to disappear completely.

Vitamins for hair that you can not miss

The best vitamins for hair

We are going to analyze which are the vitamins that are most essential for good hair maintenance. Those that belong to group B are essential for the hair is always in good condition. It also helps the skin and nails stay well. In this way, we can use the appearance of our skin and nails as an indicator to know that we are taking the necessary vitamins for our body to function properly.

All those that belong to the B complex help the blood circulate much better and new cells are formed to regenerate skin tissues and the growth of new hair. We are going to analyze some of the most important ones.

Vitamin B1

It is known as Thiamine and it is the anti-stress vitamin par excellence. It is one of the vitamins that will help you with hair loss and hair growth. To incorporate them into your diet, you should only eat peas, fish, asparagus, seeds, spinach and pistachios, among other foods.

Vitamin B2

It is called Riboflavin and takes care of regenerate the cells of the body, the formation of new skin and the growth of hair and nails. A deficiency in vitamin B2 is reflected in a reduction of the natural shine of your hair, in addition to that it is seen with less vitality. Another indicator may be that of falling nails or less light on the skin.

To ingest them in the diet, eat fish, meat, eggs, dairy, nuts and carrots.

Vitamin B3

It is called Niacin and it is responsible for reducing cholesterol, eliminating the toxins that are in the body. Act in the formation of collagen so that your hair cells work properly. You can incorporate it into your diet with beets, celery, dairy, and eggs.

Vitamin B5

It is called pantothenic acid and it is what helps reduce the appearance of gray hair and eliminates dandruff. Improves hair quality and increases growth speed. Fight dandruff and stop hair loss. You can incorporate it into your body by eating yeast, egg yolk, broccoli, and liver.

Vitamin B7

It is called biotin and is considered the vitamin of beauty. Contributes to hair follicles stay in good condition and helps hair growth. A good supply of vitamin B7 will make your hair stop looking weaker and more brittle, in addition to stopping the loss. You can find biotin along with other B vitamins at a good price No products found..

Collagen and other vitamins

Greasy hair

Surely you have heard collagen for hair in thousands of television commercials. They are nothing more than proteins that our body has naturally and that serves to give more strength and firmness to the skin and bones. It also contributes to hair is stronger, do not split or split ends. makes your hair less dandruff and prevents frizz. Therefore, there are plenty of hair lotions with more collagen to cover those deficiencies.

However, we do not need any type of collagens lotions to have good levels of this protein in our body. We can incorporate it through foods such as mandarin oranges, orange juice, soybeans, dark chocolate, beets and red pepper.

Let's not forget that the B complex vitamins are not the only ones that serve to improve the condition of our hair. Vitamin A also helps stop hair loss and shine.

Are vitamins useful for hair?

Good look on hair

When asked if they are really useful or not, the answer yes, but with a conditioner. As we have mentioned before, if alopecia is caused by a deficiency of some of the vitamins mentioned, with a good consumption in your diet we can reverse the effects. In addition, we will be giving our hair a better appearance and beauty that exudes health. With these Vitamins You can accelerate the growth of your hair to regain lost volume for a very affordable price.

However, if alopecia is caused by genetic or hormonal aspects, vitamins can help delay hair loss and deterioration, but you will not be able to stop it completely.

I hope I have helped you with this article and have solved more questions.

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