How to remove a hickey

How to remove a hickey

A hickey is the undisputed mark of a moment of passion. Although it seems incredible there ways and ways to remove a hickey, because we are sure that on some occasion you have seen yourself in a small commitment.

They are brands that usually appear on the neck, where has there been an effect of suck or suck forcefully. They appear purple or a dark reddish tone where after a few days they will turn to a less strong color, to disappear in green and yellowish colors. Do you want to find out how to make them disappear quickly? To know some of the remedies you can read them below.

How do you make a hickey?

A passionate and out of control moment makes those kisses turn into hickeys on the neck. Those kisses become a suction of the area for a few seconds, where the marks will already appear. Hickeys will depend on the type of intensity which has been used and whether the teeth have been used.

When sucking hard this soft area, the capillaries under the skin they break. Just by creating a little intensity, there are people who are very susceptible to bruising.

How to remove a hickey

How can you remove or remove a hickey?

You have to know that a hickey goes away on its own, although it will take a few days to volatilize. They usually remain visible on the neck for a little over a week, but also they can last up to 15 days. There is no need to worry if you think it is something bad, as it does not mean an indication of some kind of ailment and disease. It's just that they are too significant and visual by appearing in a highly visible area. Discover some tips to know how to get rid of them:

  • At the time or as soon as possible give yourself a gentle massage where you have it reddened. It's like when you calculate that a bruise or hematoma will appear from a blow. If you rub the area gently in a massage way, you have every chance that this will not arise or be achieved.
  • Placing something cold like ice or a cold pack before it manifests. Its effect will subtract its effect since the blood vessels constrict and therefore it does not allow it to tone in that purple color. To avoid burning yourself with the cold of ice, wrap it in a cloth.

How to remove a hickey

  • Toothpaste It also acts with the cold effect of its ingredients, you can apply it and gently massage the area so that its assets penetrate. You can do the same with the sachets of mint-based infusions. Place the bag for a few minutes and over the area for its properties to take effect.
  • Anti-hemorrhoidal cream It also works, as it has anti-inflammatory components that accelerate its disappearance. You apply a little cream on the area and massage for several times a day. This type of cream is also recognized as very effective in eliminating the fatal dark circles.
  • Apply heat when the hickey has manifested. Choose a warm compress and apply it on the area for a few minutes. Let the heat soak in to help the vessels dilate and help the purple to fade quickly.
  • Arnica-based cream it works great too. You have to put a small dose on the area and massage so that it is introduced. This ingredient is used to heal and prevent bruising. It is very effective and is widely used when children have had rough blows.

How to remove a hickey

  • The alcohol It is another of the remedies that work wonders. You have to treat it at the time it has occurred and apply it by giving circular massages in the same direction. Then you will repeat with the same circular massages, but in the other direction. It is certainly one of the most effective methods, but remember that it has to be before it appears.
  • Aloe vera it is an excellent plant to apply to many skin ailments. In particular, it has anti-inflammatory properties that can help soothe the area and the swelling. You can use the gel that the plant contains, you will apply the gel on the area two to three times a day.

How can we camouflage a hickey

How to remove a hickey

If you have not been able to give part of all the remedies that we have shown you, you can use some of these tips to be able to camouflage them:

Can apply makeup concealer to cover its color. You should choose the color according to your skin tone, but if it is too red or dark, you should first use a green concealer that camouflages much better due to its pigments. You will let it dry and then you add the skin-colored makeup on top.

Another remedy that is used very occasionally is cover the area with a turtleneck, Even if it is summer, there are short t-shirts with a high neck. Other plugins that you can use are the kerchiefs or scarves.

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