Oily scalp in men

Oily scalp in men

It is easy to detect when oily hair looks that oily due to a scalp imbalance. In men, the scalp may be more prone to oiliness due to a high level of testosterone.

Having an oily scalp is synonymous with having a less resistant hair and that can be accused with dyes, chemical treatments, heat, etc. That is why men are usually more reluctant to any treatment and not as assiduous to dyes as women.

Identify the problem of an oily scalp

Pinpointing the problem is sometimes not easy for some people. You need some keys to be able to conclude that you suffer from greasy hair. The oily appearance is synonymous with that you suffer from a problem in the oily scalp.

If you notice that when you run your fingers from the roots to the tips it has that oily appearance and even after washing it, then you have to determine that you have such a problem.

The hair looks wet and straight, squashed and without volume. Plus, it gives that lifeless look and even smells bad. In some cases, dandruff is even present.

Oily scalp in men

What can cause this imbalance?

It may be that there is an imbalance due to an increase in the testosterone in the body. Factors that can include stress or a poor diet including high-fat foods.

It may be due to a poor hygiene, but in other cases it can occur due to a excessive hygiene and he is washing his hair frequently. It is important first of all to use a specific shampoo for this type of oily hair.

Care and tips for oily hair

It is important, as it has been pointed out, that it is not necessary wash hair every day. Best recommendation It is a day of washing and two or three that do not wash. You do not have to accustom your hair to so much washing because the scalp gets used to secreting much more sebum.

If you still do not suffer from greasy hair, you can start taking care of it with a specific shampoo for daily use, so that your scalp is not damaged. There are men who, due to circumstances of their daily life or work, need to wash their hair and that is why they must take care of it with this type of shampoo.

When you wash your hair, you have to apply shampoo twice along with two rinses. It is better to do a wash and then another with their respective massages on the scalp, so we make sure that the remains of fat in the hair have been completely eliminated.

We can take into account that the shampoo has to be specific for oily hair and the water is better tempered than not excessively hot. A gentle, but not excessive massage will be performed and it will dry gently, with the head tilted so that it takes on volume and takes longer to weigh down.

The most recommended shampoos are those with purifying characteristics or so-called "surfactants". They help much better to remove grease and dirt with the combination of water and you can notice a scalp a lot more refreshing.

Shampoos for greasy hair

This is the case of the refreshing shampoo for oily hair that combines its anti-hair loss effects. Another of the products that have been on the market for a long time are from the H&S range, perfect for dandruff, but in this case they have properties to prevent oily hair and with a refreshing lemon scent. More products that we can find are from the Nuggela & Sule brand, with a higher price, but with a much more professional finish. In addition, it combines its effect with an anti-hair loss treatment.

Natural remedies and other tips for oily hair

Oily hair products

The first from the left is a gel for oily hair, the second is a mattifying powder for oily hair, and the third is an aloe vera gel.

There are foods that we can include in our diet and that are beneficial to keep our fat secretion at bay. Spinach, carrots, milk, some fruits, eggs, and cheese are foods rich in vitamin A. What is not going well for your scalp is too much coffee and alcohol.

There are infusions that work very well after washing your hair, based on nettle or green beans. In this case, the infusion must be added at the end of the wash and not rinsed. The lemon juice It also works very well, it is degreasing, smells good and purifies the hair, but here it is necessary to rinse the hair after its application. Aloe vera gel is a natural remedy to apply to your hair as a mask and then rinse.

It's advisable don't try to touch the hair too much, since you will drag much more dirt. The comb should be cleaned often to maintain good hygiene. When using products it is not recommended using greasy fixing products wax type, but rather those that are natural and specific for oily hair, with a matte effect. You better keep hair with volume and airyTight, airless hair will sweat a lot more and give that greasy look.

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