What are the benefits of tattoos?

Benefits of tattoos

Tattoos are those drawings that are etched on the skin, introducing colorants under the epidermis. Today the tattoo is present in many people, it sets a trend again, but he is questioned again about his practice for health reasons.

The tattoo has been in various cultures for thousands of years and that is not why we have stopped tattooing ourselves, it is aesthetic, increases self-esteem and can lead to great memories. Although we must not forget that many of us have panicked getting a tattoo.

Either for fear of damaging our skin, to get tired of a drawing that will go out of style or to think that we may suffer from skin cancer ... these are some of the aspects that make us think of the opposite when drawing a drawing.

When deciding Let's not make the mistake of making ourselves one specifically for fashion, because we know that it will be recorded there forever and it will cost you a lot to eliminate it. Do not get a tattoo with your partner either, it is another great mistake, because relationships can be broken and the memory remains there static.

Are tattoos really beneficial?

Benefits of tattoos

A study has been made by three researches from the University of Alabama (United States) and it has been certified that they are beneficial. Our body creates many more defenses when it comes to tattooing ourselves multiple times. It is one of the answers in favor, although you can discover many more benefits:

  • Improve the immune system, although it seems implausible. The levels of immunoglobulin A (antibodies) increase when we have already made a tattoo and it is that it was investigated. The test was done on already tattooed and non-tattooed people, where a tattoo was made to see their response. People already tattooed did not show a drop in immunoglobulin A, while people who were tattooed for the first time did. And is that those who already know what it is to endure a tattoo know how to deal with pain and scarring, keeping their defenses at bay.
  • They reduce stress by reducing cortisol levels. This hormone is responsible for producing stress in our body and having multiple tattoos reduces cortisol. We can notice a reduction in headaches or migraines, keep our weight at bay much better, control our tension or even notice an improvement in memory.

Benefits of tattoos

  • They help improve the effects of DNA vaccines. It is another way to inject a vaccine, safely and to give multiple doses. Its process is more painful than a simple vaccine and although it seems strange it is a form of infiltration, with greater efficiency and it has already been demonstrated. In this tattoo ink is not used so there is no problem in thinking that it can be permanent.
  • They increase self-esteem, it is something new and you like to show it off. It turns out that it is not easy to decide when it comes to getting a tattoo, but if the decision is firm it brings great confidence. There are people who, when they get a tattoo, have experienced a change in their mood. The process has been very positive and even for those who have suffered some form of depression in their lives.
  • Are they addictive? It has been said that they create addiction due to the amount of endorphins that we release when we get a tattoo. Our body responds with endorphins when they feel pain in order to alleviate it, this effect makes us unintentionally addicted to that result. The needle piercing the skin creates that pain and the body responds with endorphins to alleviate that unpleasant sensation.
  • For many people it is an art of body expression, they consider it a way to value themselves much more. The meaning of tattoos can be infinite and in most of them we can interpret it as an experience, a thought or an affective memory.

Benefits of tattoos

  • They hide spots and scars. It is a splendid option for those who want to hide that little aesthetic part with a drawing. There are even people who use the drawing of a tattoo to implant it on top of another that they no longer liked.
  • There are workplaces that are already betting on signing people with their tattooed bodies. It seems surprising to hear that today the opposite can happen to what could be a rejection years ago. Looking for how to get a tattoo? We have several sections that we tell you how you can start making one elegant tattoo.

If you need to know more about the processes of a tattoo you can read us here. For types and kinds of drawings in different areas of the body you can read the kind of drawings that are made in the arms, in the back o small tattoos in different parts of the body. Samoan tattoos They are the ones that have mostly been bet to cover large areas.

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