Why hairs grow on the back and how to remove them

Why hairs grow on the back and how to remove them

The canons of beauty in men are increasingly adjusted to strict protocols with the theme of body hair. That a man feels pressured with a full back of hair does not mean that he does not enter into something forced either, but surely he is curious about why hairs grow on the back and how to remove them

solutions there are many and almost all that are offered are temporary. Only laser hair removal is the one that would end up with the hair in any part of the body in the long run. But the technique of each treatment does not match the desired budget, nor with the guarantee of saying that it will not suffer a little.

Why do hairs grow on the back?

Men tend to have more hair than women due to the high level of testosterone, a hormone that affects hair growth. Many men suffer from finer hair, or thicker, depending on your genetics. But what is certain is that they could appear to be hypertrichosis, a pathology that is suffered from where hair can grow excessively, including the back.

Women also suffer from another pathology called hirsutism, where they also suffer from a excessive hair growth in many parts of his body, even being one of those areas the back. Hirsutism is often a symptom of a larger disease or an indication of a disorder.

Women may suffer from polycystic ovary, ovarian cancer, hyperthecosis (increased ovarian production), tumor in the adrenal glands, Cushing's syndrome (excess corticosteroids) or taking certain medications that release male hormones. All this will affect having hair. It is rare that they can get to have it on the back, but it can be the case.

Why hairs grow on the back and how to remove them

How to remove hair on the back

Women can decrease their hair by doing medical supervision and treating your hormonal problem with the help of an endocrinologist or gynecologist. On the other hand, you can also reduce excess hair by using a cosmetic or laser treatment.

Men can also carry out medical supervision in case there is any type of hormonal or endocrine abnormality. However, as in most cases, it will be necessary to resort to beauty treatments to eradicate visible hair.


It is an easy, fast and painless system. You will need the help of another person to help you remove hair from all those areas that you cannot reach. The best way to start is by trimming all the thick and thick hair with the help of scissors.

The best review can be done later with the help of a shaving machine that has multiple cutouts in its head set. Keep in mind that shaving with a razor it doesn't completely tighten the hair on the back. The real shave is achieved with a blade and for this it must be done in the same way that a shave is achieved on the face.

Why hairs grow on the back and how to remove them

we will get shaving gel or foam and cover the entire back with the cream. Then we will get the shave by sliding the blade against the direction of the hair, of course, it is better with the help of another person and near a sink to clean the blade at each review.

It's advisable shower after shave to remove any loose hair. Then you have to pat the area dry so as not to irritate it much more and apply a fragrance-free lotion to soothe possible irritations.

Depilatory cream

It is another form of hair removal, where the hair is hurried in the same way as shaving. These creams contain chemical substances that act on the keratin of the hair and cause it to be destroyed. The cream is applied to hairy skin, left to act for a few minutes and then It is removed manually with the help of a spatula. With this type of shave the hair takes a little longer to come out and as always it is better to get someone to help you with the shave.

Why hairs grow on the back and how to remove them


Waxing is a simple method, but with the drawback that it can be very painful, there are people who cannot bear hair removal. The fact in favor is that the hair will take much longer to come out.

laser hair removal

It is the best alternative to end body hair. It is an expensive treatment and it takes several months of treatment to stop the hair from growing back. The laser will be applied to the area to destroy the hair follicles and inhibit or delay hair growth. In most cases, laser hair removal is usually very effective, but in some cases a maintenance session will be required.

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