How to cut a boy's hair

How to cut a boy's hair

Cutting a boy's hair it can be a challenge, but not something impossible. Many parents learn to cut their children's hair, either manually with scissors or razor. Others are looking for a way to start, hence we can offer how to cut a boy's hair in a practical and decisive way.

The point is, in order to do a job effectively, patience and dexterity must be mastered. At first it can be expensive how to cut something that is being done for the first time, but over time this technique it can be much simpler than you imagine. If you find that this is not your thing, you can always put your work in the hands of a professional.

What do we need to cut a boy's hair?

To cut a child's hair you need some good sharp scissors. The ideal would be those special for cutting hair, appropriate to the shape of the hand, small and elongated. A thin towel to be wrapped around the child's neck and body, so that the hair that falls does not bother him.

A comb it will be much better than a brush, a water spray so that it can be thrown into the hair that is becoming dry and another towel to remove excess water.

An electric razor for cutting hair is also ideal for cutting hair. It will always finish off any detail much better and will shave all the areas you want to cut.

How to cut a boy's hair

Look for the best time of the day In order to cut their hair, children tend to be very restless and we cannot always convince them of everything. Do not try to do it when the child is angry, crying or just having a tantrum, in the end the moment may become much more tense.

One tip is to be able to explain to the child that you are going to have a fun time, that the result of waiting and that is still it will be worth it. If he is a very restless child, you can offer him something I can be entertained with, from a small toy, a comic or our subtle technology. But this type of entertainment give them as a last resort, when the child already begins to worry about the wait.

How to cut a child's hair step by step

We choose a comfortable place where the child's head is high enough where we can cut his hair well. It is ideal that you have head washed and as a result wet. We will remove excess moisture with a towel and we will wrap another towel around the child's body, emphasizing putting it around the neck so that the hairs do not get between the neck.

We comb the hair well so that it is not tangled. We will start with the upper part of the hair, taking lock by lock and cutting the ends. We put all the hair combed back and we mark a line in the middle. We comb towards the side of the head the part that we are going to start cutting.

Let's picking up strands of hair between the fingers hand in hand and trim the hair. We will always respect the same height of hair between the fingers, so that everything ends evenly, but we are cutting little by little.

We will cut from the sides of the head towards the center and we will go doing the same movement, taking the hair between the fingers and cutting the excess hair. Finished finishing off the sides and the lower part between the crown and the nape. These areas will have a much lower level than the rest of the hair and for this we can help ourselves from use of the razor.

It only remains to finish the part of the bangs, the sideburns and the nape area. We can do it with scissors making straight cuts, but somewhat oblique. You can also do this part with the razor. You take pieces of hair with the comb, comb it downwards and linearly cut the hair that is left over. For the fringe area can be done the same, but then finish it off with the scissors making tiny cuts and at different heights.

Cutting hair with the razor

How to cut a boy's hair

We follow the same steps as at the beginning, keeping the hair wet. We will start by putting head number 3 of the machine and we will cut the hair from the bottom up, around the whole head. We will leave the upper part longer and then we will finish off later.

We place head number 4 to join the area of ​​the sides with the upper part, always with the same movement, from bottom to top. Place head number 2 and go over all the contours, as well as the sideburns and nape area.

The top of the head it is better to cut it with scissors, we will take strands of hair as in the previous steps. We will finish off the fringe area much better by doing small oblique or transversal cuts, so as not to give the impression of a total rectum.

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