How to remove a double chin fast

Double chin in men

The double chin is something that often complexes many people who have it. It is something the result of body fat and certain muscle that we have in that area. When we go to the gym we worry about losing weight or gaining more abs and biceps to mark them on the beach in summer. However, with the double chin we do not know what to do. Our approach to exercise is completely wrong. So I'm going to tell you how to remove double chin.

Here you can learn realistic advice and without any miracle of 7 days. We will teach you in detail the real steps of how to remove the double chin.

Why does the double chin appear?

How to remove double chin

Although we think that a double chin is something hereditary, this is not entirely true. Each person has a different type of mesotype. We find those ectomorphic people who usually have a slim body, long limbs and a very low percentage of fat always. They are people who find it difficult to gain weight and lose weight easily. On the other hand, we have the endomorphs. This mesotype is the opposite. They tend to gain weight easily and need few calories to gain fat. Therefore, they accumulate fat in certain parts of the body.

As we can see, the predisposition to store fat will depend on your mesotype. However, this is not everything. Some think that a double chin can be removed by doing different exercises. It is true that, if we do some exercises that stimulate this part of the body, we will have it somewhat more toned but it is not something conditioning. It is the same as with scoring abs. No matter how many sit-ups you do, it won't show if your fat percentage is high.

By this I mean that you do not care at all what you work on exercising the double chin, that you will not be able to eliminate it, but you lower your body fat percentage. Depending on the person, you will need a higher or lower percentage of body fat to store in the double chin. Others who, directly, although they have a slightly lower percentage of fat, still have it.

What do you do to lower body fat?

high fat double chin

As this is the fundamental factor in the existence of a double chin, we are going to explain how you should reduce fat. Forget the tricks that work in 7 days, masks, creams, etc. These kinds of things will only work to make you waste your money and time. Think that everything that accumulates is not lost quickly and that miracles do not exist.

Once you have that clear, you can focus on your goal. The first thing to do to lose fat is to have a caloric deficit. This means, eat less than what you spend at the end of the day. You need a negative energy balance if you want to make your body use fat as an energy source and thus burn that fat.

Fats are not lost locally. That is to say, we lose fat from the whole body and it is genetics that will tell us where we lose them before and where after. For example, if we want to lose abdominal fat, it does not matter that we do sit-ups and thousands of abdominal exercises. We will not lose localized fat. This is impossible. You can't lose localized fat, forget that.

Once we establish the calorie deficit in the diet, it will help us lose fat over time. Don't expect to lose weight fast. More or less half a kilo or a kilo per week is more than enough. Otherwise, you will not be losing fat, but muscle mass. Weight training is mandatory to keep your body from losing muscle mass.

If we are losing weight but not fat, our double chin will still be there.

Exercises to eliminate double chin

Reduce fat to remove double chin

Remember that without a caloric deficit in the diet, these exercises are NOT going to do any good. He who warns is not a traitor. Don't think about getting your double chin out in a week or two. Depending on the percentage of body fat you are in, it will take more or less, but it usually takes months or even a year. This is a realistic date and not a false promise that will not guarantee anything.

If you want fast results, operate and when your pocket hurts, you will remember that you could have done it the healthy way.

To get the muscles of the double chin in shape, there are different exercises that can be interesting.

  • Neck stretch. This type of exercise is quite good for stimulating this part of the body. To do this you just have to sit on a chair, put your back fully upright and stretch your neck as if you wanted to see the ceiling. This you have to do with your mouth closed to stretch this area. The more you squeeze your lip, the more it will stretch. Do this exercise slowly so you don't injure these muscles or your neck muscles.
  • You practice the vowels. Pronounce the vowels in front of a mirror in an exaggerated way. It does more or less like when you are doing facial exercises. Even though you look ridiculous, you are making these muscles work harder.
  • Tighten the neck muscles. Another way you have for this is to close your mouth, clench your teeth and activate all the muscles in your neck. You will notice that your eyebrows and ears are raised as well. Repeat this movement about 10 times for several sets.
  • Chewing gum helps. Look for sugar-free gum and chew occasionally. This will make the muscles are in continuous work so that the whole area is exercised.


Exercises for the double chin

Remember that the exercises that we have listed only help your double chin reduction as long as you are losing body fat. It won't do any good if you do it while you keep getting fat and don't control what you eat. Modifying your lifestyle habits to something healthier is recommended and you will not only gain aesthetically by removing your double chin, but you will also gain health.

With a lower percentage of body fat we avoid numerous cardiovascular diseases and we get rid of the bad life of sedentary lifestyle. More than for aesthetics, do it for health. Having a double chin is an indication of poor health.

I hope that with these tips you know how to remove double chin.

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