Beard grooming

Beard grooming

If you have decided have a beard or start caring for it With all their attention, here we offer you the main care to have it impeccable. If after a good maintenance you decide to make a nice arrangement, you will also be able to know everything you need to have a beard splendid.

Making a nice arrangement to your beard will be synonymous with offer an elegant look, that you know how to take care of yourself and that is reflected in a healthy and clean appearance. However, a nice beard starts from how to have it right populated and healthy, how to take care of it and in what way we should outline it so that it looks its best.

How to get a full beard

If the first purpose is have a bushy beardYou should know that this is the first step. Why have a full beard? Because it is a symbol of virility and many people find that feeling of great masculinity, power, leadership. But trying to have a full beard the first time can be difficult if we try it a priori.

Beard grooming

It is true that the beard grows as a result of the years. A teenager who wants to have a full beard first-hand is going to cost the first few years and will have to let time give those results. But there are men who this does not happen to them and they have a splendid beard the first time.

You have to grow a beard at least a month without retouching, so that it grows straight and strong. If a lot of itching occurs during its growth you can use a special oil for irritations and itching. For those men who want to look like a big beard and are of advanced age, they can resort to the dyes to create more homogeneity.

Special beard care

The idea of ​​care it is for look healthy and bright. The beard must also be kept clean and for this we must wash it with a special soap. The shower shampoo is not good for us, as they are not specific for this purpose and can damage the skin.

We will massage the hair gently with the soap and dry it with a soft towel. All possible remains must be removed of dirt and particles from all corners. Can finally be applied a special conditioner It will repair the damaged cuticle. A small portion will be applied and gently massaged in for a smooth and shiny result.

Beard grooming

Beard oil It is another of the products that you can take from time to time to nourish the hair to the maximum. You can apply it to also hydrate the skin. As we have previously reviewed will soften hair so that there is no itchiness and it will nourish the hair follicles so that they grow much healthier.

The balm it is also a utility product. You can carry it in your pocket so you can apply it at any time. Its purpose will be so that the beard is hydrated, has a healthy appearance and so that it appears that it is much thicker.

Shaping the beard

To start outlining and trimming your beard, you have to look for a good one hair trimmer machine. These razors have the independence of being adjusted from 2mm to 6mm. It is best to start from the longest distance to finish off towards the shortest.

You have to stand in front of the mirror and see the symmetry you want to achieve. You will start looking for the one that starts from the nose on both sides of the face or towards the ears. The parts of the cheeks must be shaved.

Beard grooming

The side of the beard It must be well shaved and curved towards the ear. We will mark a correction line between both ears towards the jaw. You have to trim well with the machine until you get the desired length. If you have too long a beard and you do not want to remove the length, you can help yourself with good scissors.

Finally, do not forget sideburns, you have to make a good linear and straight cut between the temple and the ear, which is well finished up to the chin. Also don't forget the lower part of the neck, you have to leave that area well rounded so that it is soft to the eye.

Final touches

Beard grooming

To finish fixing the beard you will have to follow these last details. If you have shaved some of the areas you can take a cream on the skin to avoid possible redness. There are multiple after-shave creams on the market and without a doubt the best ones for your skin are those based on aloe vera.

You can give a touch of softness and shine to your beard with the balm described above. But if your thing is to fix the beard you can make use of special products of beard fixation. They are dense creams based on waxes so that you can have a light to medium level hold, yes, with a matte appearance. Using this fixative will help control unruly hairs and help shape unruly areas.

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