Zinc rich foods

Zinc rich foods

Zinc is a basic mineral for our diet and our health. It has multiple benefits and given a long-term lack of this substance it can lead to some health problems. It is together with the iron one of the essential elements for a good functioning of our organism. We need up to 15mg a day for our body to maintain a correct diet.

This mineral is essential for a correct development from childhood, since helps growth and development. Already when we are adults it will help various essential functions, including the replacement of old cells by new ones.

Zinc benefits

It should be noted that there are many benefits it brings. Among them, zinc helps regeneration of cell tissues and the synthesis of ADN. Its contribution is very important during pregnancy, lactation and childhood, since the body needs this supplement for proper development and growth.

It is indispensable for eye health of our organism. Zinc along with our vitamin A is crucial for the proper functioning of our eyesight and improves The taste and smell. Is good for the health of hair, skin and nails.

A deficit of Zinc can create memory problems and tiredness. Its deficiency has been shown to create a large increase in colds and that is why it must be taken to strengthen the immune system.

Zinc rich foods

It is clear that a good diet is based on eating practically everything. But for some reasons we always forget or do not provide essential foods for daily consumption. If you need to emphasize eating foods rich in Zinc, here is a list with a great contribution:

Chicken and Meat

Zinc rich foods

Pork meat It is one of the foods rich in Zinc, but in its lean part. It also provides a large number of proteins and vitamins of group B. 100 g of pork provides 6,72 mg of Zinc.

Veal or beef it also carries a great contribution. Its contribution in vitamin B12 is important for the correct functioning of RNA and DNA, it contains iron and its level of Zinc is 10 mg which is a great contribution for daily consumption.

Veal liver also reaches a contribution of 7,3mg per 100g and pork liver contains 6,5mg per 100g. It contains other essential nutrients such as a great value of proteins and iron, essential for our diet.

chicken meat

Poultry such as chicken and turkey they are also rich in zinc. They have a slightly lower value than those previously reviewed, but they already contribute up to 5g per 100g and they are rich proteins


We know this food for the great nutritional contributions it contains. The yolk is the one with the highest zinc content and we can find a contribution of 4,93mg per 100g.


The oysters They are among the top foods that we know first-hand and that carry a great contribution of this trace element. It reaches to have until 60 mg per 100 g, but if taken in the wild it is said to reach up to 182mg.

Zinc rich foods

The crab it enters into foods rich in this source. It is low in fat and contains few calories, it is rich in zinc, providing up to 7,6mg per 100g, but you have to be careful with the large amount of sodium, as it can be harmful to blood pressure.

Clams, crustaceans and some mollusks they also enter into our diet rich in zinc. They contribute 7mg per 100g and those who take the palm are the bivalves.

Seeds and other cereals

All seeds in general are very good for our health and have that great element of essential substances for our body. Pumpkin seeds provide 6mg per 100g, hazelnuts, almonds and peanuts contain 4mg per 100g.

Oat flakes they also contribute up 3,5mg per 100g. It is a very complete cereal since it provides carbohydrates, rich fiber, proteins, minerals and multiple vitamins. For breakfast it is perfect.


Brown rice It also contributes Zinc although to a lesser extent than the rest. Contains 2mg per 100g and it is much healthier to eat it this way than white rice. Among the seeds we can find legumes where 100g of them can provide us with up to 12% of the recommended daily intake.

Other high calorie foods

For those who like it the chocolate This is good news, but it should be dark chocolate if possible. Contains up to 10mg per 100g, but we have to be consistent that it is a large calorie intake that chocolate gives us.


The same happens with cheese and butter. They contribute Zinc to diets, but they are high in fat and therefore their calories skyrocket. The cheese contains 4g per 100g but you have to watch out for its consumption due to its high fats of animal origin.

Fruits and vegetables They are not rich sources of Zinc. A diet low in zinc and protein can be low to keep you healthy and in good health. If your body urgently needs to take this substance there are some over-the-counter medications, such as pills, nasal sprays or gels for colds.

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