Why do you ignore me if I know you like me

Why do you ignore me if I know you like me

Love has no hard and fast rules, and the attraction to a person may not be held in check. You can feel passion or infatuation By someone knowing they like you, however, they may ignore you at times. Surely you already offered your first advances and have noticed some correspondence, but you are still not sure whether to offer much more and for that you need many more signs.

Within this chapter, on how to correspond in a possible relationship it is complex to solve, as it leads to endless unknowns that would have to be analyzed. Many of them the personality type of the person is associated and it is not reciprocated with other types of external circumstances. In order to solve some doubts, here we offer you some keys associated with this type of uncertainty.

I know he likes me but sometimes he ignores me

Sure you have met a person and it seems that attraction imminent. However, although everything has started on the right foot, suddenly start to change or ignore you. It's weird, why suddenly it doesn't communicate much further and it's always a push and pull. Without a doubt you feel lost and do not know how to face the situation because you really like that person.

There are people who need a longer term to be able to formalize a relationship and that means time and space. You may be much more launched and do not mind formalizing a commitment and a relationship. However, there are people who need more time, want to be with you, listen to you and feel something, but they need a parenthesis to think.

Why do you ignore me if I know you like me

You are not the ideal person

Surely you are a person with great qualities and the interested person does not want to lose you, that's why partly is with you. I know this point and this perspective is unfair, but many people look for another "better" person who falls within their qualities. That is why there will be fun times and at other times he will get away from you. This position can have a possible solution and putting a lot on your part. If you really like it, you can still get over you as a person, Level up and become sensational, but only if you think it might be worth it.

The person is shy and has many insecurities

You may have run into a very shy person and don't you dare take the first step. Insecurity can come hand in hand with that shy person. There are people who appear to be very self-confident and even haughty and arrogant. But we know that it may be the opposite, you may not have the sufficient tools and skills to approach a romantic relationship.

You are afraid of a relationship and possible rejection

If that person is avoiding you I may not know how to do my best. That makes you insecure and you may have felt rejected or rejected in some serious relationship and had a bad time. In this case may be afraid of rejection, everything may work fine at first and then everything fades when incompatibilities are found.


Your emotional intelligence is not highly developed

There are people who do not express their emotions in the same way as others. They cannot channel certain emotions at the moment or they cannot control how to regulate themselves. It can happen to that person you know, there are days that may seem like a normal person and others in which takes refuge without saying anything to anyone, because it cannot carry out social or intrapersonal relationships. Maybe you have stayed on a date and I left you standing that day because I did not have the necessary tools to face it.

Why do you ignore me if I know you like me

What is there to do? Does anyone have to take the plunge?

This is generally an easy answer, because events occur spontaneously and each case is solved according to the capacities and circumstances of each. If everything is undecided and you do not know what to do, you have to recognize the limits that are being imposed and how to solve them. The first of all is to be patient and that frustration does not limit or distress you.

It is difficult to control this situation, as there are people who take relationships or the feeling of love as something unique and exceptional. You have to be daring and take the initiative, surely you have to take the first step. You begin to direct a possible relationship to see what happens and if you have to ask what he thinks or what he feels, You do not lose anything by trying.

If you are not willing to take an initiative, you can wait to see what can happen, If nothing happens and time passes, then that person did not want to be with you at any time. Other times when we walk away is when he starts to show interest because you know you are missing something. Undoubtedly the situation is complex, because we don't know how to analyze the situation when someone doesn't give signals or is too introverted.

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