How to tell if a guy who has a girlfriend likes you

How to tell if a guy who has a girlfriend likes you

It is a very complicated situation, and it is that on more than one occasion we find ourselves with someone who excites us and has a girlfriend. We do not know how to manifest a situation like this and in many of our musings we are shown doubts about if a boy who has a girlfriend likes you.

Does he have a girlfriend and does he like you? You're not quite sure, but you know that that boy you are passionate about. To know how to handle yourself and find all those signs that can get you out of uncertainty, here we are going to leave you the best keys to be able to get out of doubts.

Signs that may indicate that a guy who has a girlfriend likes you

A man can have concerns, be able to take a little leap and yet he does not do it out of fear. Inside him he has the same feelings and yet he does not dare to tell someone that he likes and try to hide it. In order to decipher all these dilemmas, we will limit ourselves to observing their body language:

He is with his girlfriend and he does not stop positioning himself by my side

You go out with a group of friends and he is with his girlfriend, however, all he does is look at you and his bodily gestures give him away. His body is oriented towards you and you can see it in his hands and legs, well they are always looking at you.

How to tell if a guy who has a girlfriend likes you

Try to always be by your side

If that person is attracted to you, they will look for a thousand ways to be near you or see you. Do you feel that in every friendly meeting you are always there? Do you meet in a multitude of different places? Maybe not a coincidence, but surely I'm looking for a way to find you and that you agree.

When you talk, he talks to you and looks different

Surely he wants to be more time to be with you. It will look for any excuse to be able to coincide and when you chat shows an inclination of his body towards yours, whether you are standing or sitting. Have you noticed if he also blushes when you talk? Or what looks at your lips and eyes, Or is he aware of every gesture you make? So it is that it does feel quite attractive.

He tells you intimate things and compares you with his girlfriend

In all your meetings there will always be moments to laugh and tell you great stories, but perhaps he will go much further and he tells you intimate things. Maybe he has a great interest in how you can accept it, or he may have lacks with his partner and does not listen to him, that's why He is confident that you will.

You will observe that in each encounter I want to tell you what he has done during the day or how you have been days ago. Even many of the conversations will be so trusting that he will tell you intimacies that he does not like with his girlfriend and she will dare to compare you to her.

How to tell if a guy who has a girlfriend likes you

When he is in anguish he calls you

It is not normal for that person to come to you when you are going through a moment of anguish, but it is usual that you do it with your partner. In the same way it may happen when you argue with your partner, he will want to come to your arms when he is in that situation.

Do you feel like a second course? Or are you flattered because they have confidence in you? Perhaps you are too attracted to that person to see a bad intention or that I can see an opportunity with you. If he is coming to you when he has problems with his partner it is because he is attracted to you and wants to have your company, see if he goes much further and he likes to see what your interior is like. There are men who seek to test the waters to see if they have a different opportunity to end their current relationship.

Be careful if you cheat on all the women

If you are clear about what he feels for you and you are able to reciprocate, perhaps it will be better to ask yourself a series of doubts. It is necessary to analyze in depth that this man I am not doing the same with other women and what he likes is flirting with everyone. In this case you have to be patient and delve into all the details, have a lot of self-love and not get carried away.

How to tell if a guy who has a girlfriend likes you

If you are clear about your intentions because you doubt, remember that it is get in the middle of an engagement, perhaps you should know in depth what his intentions are. You have to assess in depth what your intentions are and if you are in doubt, the best is forget about maintaining such a complicated relationship.

Feeling something for someone is very normal, but there are no other signs and it is only sexual attraction, so there is nothing else to try. Imagine that that person was with you and also would notice other women. If that's really his personality, then he can't be your ideal man.

If you think there is a real crush and you can't stop thinking for each other, then you should try to be happy and assess what a real relationship could be like. The best of all and in the face of so many indications, is ask and talk about feelings each. If he has really noticed you, it is because he has realized that his current relationship this is not his best moments.

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