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When we train in the gym, our arms give high priority to the biceps. Surely we have done bicep exercises and we have forgotten something else about the triceps. This muscle is made up of three heads and is essential for our arm to look large. It is also interesting to improve for more basic exercises such as the bench press and the military press. A weak triceps will not allow you to improve on these basic exercises. Therefore, we are going to show you how to do the triceps background, which is a fundamental exercise for the improvement of both strength and muscle mass.

If you want to know more about the triceps bottom, this is your post.

Caloric surplus to improve muscle mass

triceps heads

The first thing that must be taken into account to develop muscle mass is the energy balance in the diet. We need to be in a sustained caloric surplus over time to progress and build muscle mass. It is useless to perform exercises that are very good for the creation of muscle mass, if we do not have this caloric surplus. Surplus calories in your diet is nothing more than eating in excess of your daily energy expenditure. For example, if you need 2500 kcal to be able to maintain your weight on a daily basis, you can eat 20% more of those calories to gain muscle mass.

One of the fundamental exercises used to develop strength and muscle mass in the triceps is the triceps bottom. There are many ways and variants to perform the triceps dips, but none of them will be effective if we are not in sustained caloric surplus over time. You also have to take care of other variables such as training volume, intensity, frequency, rest times, sleep, and daily physical activities. All these variables together with a correct programming in the exercises will make your triceps grow in a beastly way.

Triceps background

triceps bench background

It is an exercise that is performed to improve the strength and performance of this muscle group. Generally, you work at low repetitions with a high intensity to generate explosiveness. It should be borne in mind that in all muscle groups there are exercises that work at lower repetitions but with a higher load. In the case of the triceps, this exercise is the basic one.

It is one of the most effective exercises to increase muscle mass and, to perform it, We will use our body weight to work more muscle fibers. If you need to gain strength in your arms, you can start executing this movement on a bench or use an aid on the machine. In the triceps dips machine there are weights that help you raise and not fully use your body weight. Once you have enough strength to lift your body, there will come a time when you can perform so many repetitions that are not efficient.

Let's not forget that the repetition range for hypertrophy to occur should be between 6 and 20 and with an intensity close to muscle failure. At the moment when we have a lot of strength in this type of exercise, the same thing happens with chin-ups. It is at this moment that we will have to add a burden to our body. That ballast can perfectly be a compress vest that makes us weigh 10 kilos more and overcome a new resistance. We can also use a chain to which we will tie a disc with weight and it costs us more to get to lift our body weight.

It is essential to know the technique in this exercise so as not to injure ourselves.

Triceps technique

triceps machine background

We are going to tell you how the triceps fund is executed correctly to avoid injuries.

  • Get on the machine and let your arms dangle by your sides before grabbing the parallels with your thumbs pointing inwards.
  • We'll angle your wrists behind you to allow your elbows to flex. We must not ensure that the elbows are aligned with the forearms.
  • If we use the machine we must place the knees perfectly separated on the platform. Otherwise, we can cross our feet to give us greater stability on the rise and fall.
  • Once we have done the first repetition, we will have to lower slowly until the biceps touch the forearm to make sure that the triceps has been stretched to the maximum. In this type of exercise you can work with different ranges of movement to focus more on a pattern of movement. However, the full range is as mentioned.
  • The arms should return to the starting position, contracting and squeezing the sad ones as we do it.

Ideally, start repeating this exercise in a series of 3-4 with repetitions of up to 10. As we improve our technique and our strength, we can increase the number of series or repetitions. As we have mentioned before, there will come a time when we have a lot of strength and good technique and this exercise will have to be done with ballast. And there are many people who can do many repetitions of flat are effective for hypertrophy. In the case in which you use help to climb, progress is based on reducing the load that makes it easier for you to climb.

With this exercise you can also work the abdominal and lumbar part as it helps to stabilize the entire route.

Variant exercises

This exercise also has some variations. They can be done on a bench or on a specialized machine. The machine has two handles that we can take in the three positions: neutral, prone and supine. Each type of grip has its advantages and its influence on part of the mentioned muscle group. Normally here we do not have to walk a belt as we are going to handle large amounts of weight.

On the other hand, we can also use it in banks, but its range of improvement is much smaller. On the bench we should not carry our body weight and soon we will need discs to place on the abdomen to generate greater resistance.

I hope that with this information you can learn more about the triceps fundus and its execution.

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